KTN Series oil diffusion pump


KTN series are the equipment mainly used for getting the high vacuum condition (10-1 - 10-5 Pa); the pumping capacity is big, the pumping speed can be changed range from 3100L/s to 110000L/s, it adds observation windows, oil inlet and outlet, the protection device of controlling pump oil overheat, the alarm device of controlling cooling water overheat, and parallel combination of many heating rods insert into the pump, the rods can be replaced without shutting down the machine, so heat time is short, Oil vapor back-streaming volume is low, without external water cooling baffle,when using the common pump oil, the volume is 1*10-3mg/㎡min , when using 275 silicon oil it will be 1* 10-4mg/㎡min, excellent ultimate vacuum, less than 10-6kpa.

The pumps adopt stretching process, reduces weld crack and out gassing and increases strength.

It is widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum furnace, electron, aviation, aerospace hi-tech field.