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Rotary Evaporators . EcoVap RE-302. cost-effective design with hand lift for all standard applications, Oil/water bath with temperature up to 180 ...<< more>>

LAB1ST Scientific | Glass Reactor, Rotary Evaporator

Cost effective choice for lab rotary RE-505 / Desktop rotary evaporator with motor lift and water/oil bath (99C) or oil (180C) 4 different condenser ...<< more>>

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Thanks for your interest in the LabTech EV311 Rotary Evaporator! and cost effective. includes an uncoated stainless steel bath.) Technical Features. Motorized ...<< more>>

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Purchase of a LabTech EV311Advanced rotary evaporator by 5pm ET on December 30th and get a $ and cost effective. Motorized lift; Support both water and oil baths; ...<< more>>

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Buchi? Rotavapor? R-215 evaporator with jack and water bath, 24/40 joint, 120V Advanced, condenser Buchi Rotary Evaporators, Motorized, quick-action servo ...<< more>>

Rotary evaporator, Rotating evaporator - All medical

Find your rotary evaporator easily amongst that incorporates an efficient condenser with a and control Water or oil bath Motorized lif ...<< more>>

2L Rotary Evaporator with 1L & 2L Evaporating Flask, Motor

2L Rotary Evaporator with 1L&2L The shipping cost in this listing is valid for customers in US oil bath for 180C max tempearature, motor lift. ...<< more>>

lab1st 2L Lab Rotary Evaporator with Hand Lift

Cost-effective design, Optional water or oil bath for 99C or 180C max temperature. lab1st 2L Lab Rotary Evaporator with Motor Lift ...<< more>>

Rotary Evaporator - Oasis Scientific Inc.

matically regulates the amount of vacuum in the rotary evaporator condenser, OSB-2000 is a water and oil bath that The A-1000S provides cost-effective ...<< more>>


ROTARY EVAPORATORS EVAPORATION SOLUTIONS motorized vertical lift, ±2 (Oil) ±2 (Oil) ±2 (Oil) Heating power (W) 1300 Bath capacity (L) 5...