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KCB Horizontal Gear Oil Pump Catalogue

KCB Horizontal Gear Oil Pump Catalogue Material Material The KCB type of pumps are horizontal positive gear pump, which is composed of casing and cover, gear ...<< more>>

KCB & 2CY Type Gear Oil Pump - SeekPart

KCB 70 300 5 10 ~1.5 10 m /s-5 -3 2 OUTLINE KCB & 2CY TYPE GEAR OIL PUMP KCB type gear oil transferring pumps are applicable to transfer various kind of oil like ...<< more>>

KCB SERIES GEAR PUMP - thegioibomcongnghiep

KCB SERIES GEAR PUMP I. Applications KCB series gear pumps apply to pumping KCB &2CY Series Gear Pump's Performance Parameter Type Inlet& Outlet (mm) ...<< more>>

KCB type series gear pump - ZF Hydraulic

KCB series gear oil pump is suitable for conveying not containing solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature is not higher than 80 ℃, the viscosity of 5 ...<< more>>

KCB gear pump - China KCB gear pump Supplier - DQ Marine

KCB Gear pump KCB series of gear pump is used to deliver non-corrosive lubricating oil at temperature below 80degree or equivalent liquid without solid particles and ...<< more>>

KCB Gear Pump - CHINA HAINA PUMPS - cn-haina

KCB gear pump is mainly used in food, chemical, oil, etc. The biggest characteristic of the pump is low price, long service life. This type of gear pump is ideal for ...<< more>>

KCB pump, 2cy gear oil horizontal pump china

The SILI KCB pump is horizontal gear oil marine pump. KCB gear oil pump can be used for F.O. and L.O. transfer, 2CY gear oil pump and KCB pump from China ...<< more>>

Gear Pump - Hebei Life Industrial Pump Manufacture Co

Positive Displacement Pump, Gear Pump, Screw Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Quality KCB Steel Gear Pump, Lube Gear Pump KCB Type Gear Pump ...<< more>>

Big Gear Pump - CHINA HAINA PUMPS - cn-haina

Big gear pump manufacturer is haina pump,Flow rate is less than 570 Cubic meters per hour KCB big gear pump data table: Model: Mini gear pump GM type. Read ...<< more>>

Types of Pumps Used Onboard Ship - MarinerSpotted

Types of Pumps Used Onboard Ship. The pump like Gear pump, A reciprocating pump is a type of positive-displacement pump which includes the piston pump , ...<< more>>

KCB Gear Oil Pump - scribd

Chongqing Jinbo Marine Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd. .jinbomarine. com KCB TYPE GEAR OIL PUMP Main Specification ...<< more>>


YTB-60 AC type Mechanical metrology electric oil pump assemb; YTB-40 DC12V/24V Mechanical metrology electric oil pump asse; KCB gear oil pump. ...<< more>>

KCB Type Fuel Transfer Pump - Saiken Pumps

KCB Type Fuel Transfer Pump can Transfer Fuel oil,Diesel oil,Petrol Fuel,it be called Electric Diesel Pump,Fuel Pump,Oil Transfer Pump,Petrol Fuel Transfer Pump...