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Vacuum for Hold Downs/Clamps - X-Carve - Inventables

I scored a whole veneering setup with a large vacuum pump, valves, switches, etc. I ordered a cheap set of clamps off ebay so I can see how it goes. X-CNC 2017-05-04 11:53:33 UTC #9 ...<< more>>

CNC Vacuum Hold Down Devises: Grided Tables & Vacuum Pods

VACUUM GRIDED TABLES. cnc router vacuum table with matrix of grooves. The initial introduction of CNC technology into the woodworking industry was focused on rapid cutting of full sheets, MDF, Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Core. ...<< more>>

Workholding-Have a bunch of small parts-how to hold down

The only you will make a vacuum hold down work is if you do NOT cut the hols all the way through, and do NOT cut through the parts. You could go partially through, but then you would have to snap the parts from the sheet, and finish punching the holes.. ...<< more>>

Get a grip: Hold-down methods for CNC routers - Woodshop News

The tray, usually the size of the working area of the CNC router, is a plenum for a vacuum system and together this all is known as a flow-through vacuum hold-down work surface. The MDF is porous enough to secure a full-sized panel securely and flat. ...<< more>>

Applying Veneer with a Vacuum Bag - Woodworkers Guild of

A vacuum bag is a great way to make sure the veneer is completely and uniformly drawn down to the substrate. Once you’ve glued and veneered your project, place it in the bag and seal it. As you remove air from the bag, it will tighten over the material. ...<< more>>

Woodworking Vacuum Systems - Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc.

FROM THE EDITOR Woodworking Vacuum Systems BLOWER & VACUUM BEST PRACTICES EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD cut from a single large sheet of wood. This DEKKER OPTIMIZES VACUUM HOLD-DOWN IN CNC ROUTERS How does the type of fiber board impact the vacuum hold-down ...<< more>>

Dry Vacuum Pumps for Woodworking / Router Hold-Down

Becker Pumps has more experience in providing pumps for vacuum hold down applications for CNC router tables than any other manufacturer in the industry. The reason that most OEM’s rely on Becker pumps is that we understand what your needs are, and we respond with the appropriate solution. ...<< more>>

A Removable Vacuum Plenum that Maximizes Hold Down

If you are anything like me, you want to be ready for any job that comes through the door. For me, this meant being able to quickly tool up for cutting 2” hardwood shapes that needed to be screwed down to a rigid spoilboard one day, and be able to hold down 4X8 sheets using vacuum the next. ...<< more>>

2018 Definitive Guide to Router Vacuum Tables and Pumps

Vacuum Tables generate hold-down force because of the difference between a vacuum under the part and atmospheric pressure pushing down from above. Every square inch of area exposed to that difference can have a force as much as 14.7 lbs pushing down on it (the difference between 0 and sea level air pressure). ...<< more>>

CNC jigs\hold downs for carving F5 necks - Mandolin Cafe

Ive been struggling for a couple of weeks now trying to figure out the best way to accurately hold down an F5 neck to cnc cut the neck outline profile & headstock binding rabbet. I was hoping some of you might share some insights on jigs\hold downs. I use a traditional dovetail neck joint, 3\32"ebony headstock veneer, a tapered headstock thickness & ~ 13 deg headstock angle to the fretboard. ...<< more>>

DIY Vacuum Press Gallery - Page 2 - Joe Woodworker

This vacuum veneer press was built by Jon Dake of in Phoenix, AZ. Jon opted to use a Mac valve to relieve the pressure from the vacuum pump when it turns off during a vacuum charging cycle. ...<< more>>

cnc router vacuum table | eBay

Save cnc router vacuum table to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Thermwood CNC Router Table Vacuum & Hold Down Accessory. Pre-Owned. $19.97. or Best Offer Large size professional CNC router for wood, plywood, plastic and soft metal. New (Other) $22,000.00. Free local pickup. ...<< more>>

Help: Cut 1/32" veneer on CNC (Marquetry) - Router Forums

Hi, I'm trying to cut really thin wood veneer on my CNC router for a guy who is making a skateboard deck with a logo made of different woods (this is called maquetry, I believe). ...<< more>>

Vectric Forum ? View topic - Vacuum hold down

I've been thinking about a better hold down for my DIY cnc router and realized I still had a small vacuum pump from a vacuum press I had bought 15 years ago. ...<< more>>

DEKKER Optimizes Vacuum Hold-Down in CNC Routers | Blower

CNC routers cut and shape wood products and vacuum is used to hold these pieces down as they are cut and/or shaped. There are two designs of CNC routers: pod systems and nested parts. In deciding which type of router to use a company must look at the shape and type of cutting that will be done. ...<< more>>

Workholding - ShapeOko

Easy Hold Down Table, Re: My Machine--- using T-nuts for hold-downs Workholding with Threaded Inserts --- easier to install if one doesn't have access to the bottom of the wasteboard (e.g., if one has built a torsion box) ...<< more>>

cnc vacuum | eBay

New Listing 5pc CNC Vacuum Brazed Diamond Flat-end straight knife Engraving Bits for marble. 3Axis 9KW Air Cooling Wood CNC Router Machine 98" x 51" with Vacuum System USA!! Brand New. $51,059.00. or Best Offer Vacuum Chuck Wafer Rotary Ball Hold Down CNC Router Hold Down Fixture Jig. Pre-Owned. $299.99. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Clamping Foot Pedal Assembly - Joe Woodworker

A vacuum clamping jig allows you to use the power of your vacuum press to clamp projects to your work About Joe. Legal Info . Veneer Supplies. Vacuum Pressing. Veneer FAQ's. Search. Links. Contact Joe. Part 1 Introduction Welcome Veneering Basics 14 Good Reasons Vacuum Press Uses Whether it's a simple hold down jig or a production run ...<< more>>

Rockler Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit | Rockler Woodworking and

BEST ANSWER: I have used vacuum pods and other vacuum clamps in the past.They all have a flexible gasket to seal the vacuum against the bottom of the work piece. I had to put thin shims in the get the parts being clamped to be "bottomed out" to get a reliable Z0 position. Also consider that for large work pieces, the piece itself with bend down toward the table with any Z force at all. ...<< more>>

CNC wood router - Wikipedia

A CNC wood router is a CNC router tool that creates objects from wood. CNC stands for computer numerical control . The CNC works on the Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z) for 3D motion control. ...<< more>>

Electric vacuum press systems - Pressing, veneering and

The manual system consists of a rotary vane electric vacuum pump, a vacuum bag, and all the accessories needed to manually veneer and laminate. At any time, an electric controller can be added. You simply plug your pump into the controller and start the system....