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ROAIRVAC R32 6.0 – the new dual-stage vacuum pump for the

The dual-stage vacuum pump provides easy access to the oil drain plug, allowing quick emptying. Furthermore, oil-stand monitoring is possible without effort due to a sight glass. Hence, the ROAIRVAC R32 6.0 is characterized by a professional handling. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pump Vi2120 for R32 and 1234yf for Refrigeration

Vacuum pumps dual-stage vacuum pumps - V-i240Y-R32. Products. (eg R32, 1234yf). Dual stage vacuum pump is used in refrigeration and air Pictures of some . ...<< more>>

two stage vacuum pump

Dual-stage pumps feature two pump units connected in LOVSHARE 12CFM 1HP Vacuum Pump 110V 2 Meter Valve 2-Stage 0.3PA Ultimate Air Conditioning Refrigerant Vacuum Pump for HVAC/Auto AC Refrigerant Recharging Degassing wine epoxy Milking cow lamb Medical ...<< more>>

Two Stage Vacuum, Two Stage Vacuum Suppliers and

2Sk water ring vacuum pump has the vacuum degree is high, in the high vacuum pumping speed and compact structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc. 2 sk - P1 series is suitable for suction pressure is lower than 0.096 Mpa the condition, in with large air pump, the ultimate vacuum can reach - 750 mmHg. 2SK-P1 series Two stage water ring ...<< more>>

Our new two-stage vacuum pump - ROAIRVAC R32 6.0

Our new two-stage vacuum pump - ROAIRVAC R32 6.0. For evacuation of refrigeration and air-conditioning units as well as heat pumps in accordance with DIN 8975 with vacuum gauge and solenoid valve. ...<< more>>


Two-stage R32 vacuum pump For evacuation in accordance with DIN 8975 with vacuum gauge and solenoid valve Key features: ? Brushless motor and enclosed electrical ...<< more>>

2 Stage Vacuum Pump - New Position Technology Co.,Ltd

2 Stage Vacuum Pump manufacturer with years's encounter, from China.We mainly provide 2 Stage Vacuum Pump with premium quality and competitive cost.we've got an expert 2 Stage Vacuum Pump solution designers.Our item is via the national qualified certification. ...<< more>>


The vacuum pump consists of two cascaded stages driven by a common shaft. The first stage (or roughing stage) takes air/vapour via the inlet port, compresses it and exhausts through an exhaust port. ...<< more>>

HVAC Vacuum Pump 2 Stage | eBay

Designed for deeper vacuum draw, this vacuum pump pulls vacuum down to 75 microns. Application: R134A, R12, R22 refrigerant. Dual ports for R134A and R12/R22 systems. ...<< more>>


? The VP & VPC series excel in vacuum performance, rated 10-15 microns (Dual Stage) and 50-100 microns (Single Stage) ? All vacuum pumps allow for multiple connections, therefore giving full operational...