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factor make the Eccentric Plug Valve ideal for throttling applications. Resilient plug facings assure lasting bubble- Body Materials: Cast iron, aluminum, carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, Alloy 20, Monel, ductile iron, within a dovetail groove in the valve body and locked in place by an epoxy wedge. Size Range: 3-144" ...<< more>>

Flow and pressure drop in valves and fittings. Valve

For geometrically similar valves and fittings, the resistance coefficient would be constant. Calculate maximum flow capacity of control valve for known flow coefficient Cv or Kv and pressure difference. K 1 - valve body shape factor [ - ]; Simplified calculation can be used if K 1 < 130 and (p u-p d) > 0,1 (p u +p b): ...<< more>>

Valve Flow and Sizing - GlobalSpec

Rangeability is a very important factor when selecting a valve type. It is defined as the maximum to minimum flow rate that can be controlled by a given valve type. The characteristic is affected by three factors: the geometry of the valve, the seat leakage, and the actuator's accuracy or stiffness at near closure of the valve. ...<< more>>


lined valve body: A valve body in which a coating or liner has been applied to internal surfaces for cor-rosion/erosion protection or for flow shut off. liner, slip-in: An annular shaped liner which makes a slight interference fit with the body bore and which liquid pressure recovery factor: The ratio (FL) of the valve flow coefficient (Cv ...<< more>>

Premset - 15 kV compact modular vacuum switchgear with

Valves and Valve Actuators. Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters. Video Management & Security Solutions. Power Quality and Power Factor Correction. Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks. Premset - 15 kV compact modular vacuum switchgear with Shielded Solid Insulation System; ...<< more>>

Control Valve Basics: Sizing and Selection - CED Engineering

of a valve plug in relation to the port(s) located within the valve body. The valve plug is attached to a valve stem, which, in turn, is connected to the actuator. ...<< more>>

450 mm Gate Valve - SMC株式会社

Series XGT/XGD P-E13-4A Variations Slit Valve/Door Valve For 450 mm wafer New Body thickness (mm) For 200 mm wafer For 300 mm wafer For 450 mm wafer ?46 x 236 mm ?32 x 222 mm * Suitable for opening sizes of 70 x 500 mm and 100 x 750 mm. * Contact your SMC sales representative for other opening sizes. ...<< more>>

Introduction to valves - Only the Basics - Globe valves

Tee Pattern Globe valve design is the most common body type, with a Z-shaped diaphragm. The horizontal setting of the seat allows the stem and disk to travel perpendicular to the horizontal line. This design has the lowest coefficient of flow and higher pressure drop. ...<< more>>

DPV? API 594 Dual Plate Wafer Check Valves

Body Plate CHECK VALVE DESIGN FEATURES Spring API 594 DUAL PLATE CHECK VALVES Typical Construction Body-Lug Bearing Plate-Lug Bearing Spring Retainer Eyebolt Nameplate Stop Pin Part Name Horizontal Pipeline DUAL PLATE WAFER CHECK VALVES 6 Valve. 12 12 DELTA PACIFIC VALVE MFG CO Valve. ...<< more>>

Aortic valve disease - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

Aortic valve disease is a condition in which the valve between the main pumping chamber of your heart (left ventricle) and the main artery to your body (aorta) doesn't work properly. Aortic valve disease may be a condition present at birth (congenital heart disease), or it may result from other causes. ...<< more>>

Guide Specification - GE Industrial Solutions

The Guide Specification Template is the property of General Electric Company. Valve-Regulated, Lead Acid Cells (VRLA) – Non-Spillable. Internal battery system design shall be hot-swappable. Replacement shall not disrupt power to supplied loads. EN61000-4-2: 4kV contact / 15kV air discharge. Output Converter of UPS. ...<< more>>

210-12 three-Phase Pad-Mounted Compartmental Type Transformer

K-Factor (up to K-19) ? One-inch combination drain valve with sampling device in low voltage compartment (750-12,000 kVA) ? Automatic pressure relief valve Nameplate ? Laser-scribed anodized aluminum nameplate Three-phase pad-mounted compartmental type transformer ...<< more>>

Section 7: Appendices Appendix A: Technology Comparison of

factor. The construction of gate-style valves, such as ball valves, often allows them to hold back high head the valve body and provides a way to classify the valve by pressure. A valve of specified body material and nominal body rating often has characteristics such as ...<< more>>

Mallard Control Control Valves - MillCorp Ind

Mallard Control Control Valves Continuously Improving Flow Control. 2 Mallard Control Mallard Model 5100 Freezeless Control (Dump) Valve valve is perfectly suited for fluid control in oil and gas separators and other process vessels. The valve body design allows the plug and seat to be constantly submerged in the process media, thus giving ...<< more>>


Body Brass Internal parts POM, stainless steel Seals Oxide ceramics, EPDM ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Connector 5-pin female M12 connector Electrical enclosure protection IP65 (EN 60529) The housing of the M12 male connector/M12 female connector is connected to the valve body. ...<< more>>

Pages - Isolation Valves - Linear Movement

A gate valve consists of four main components, the body, bonnet (or cover), gate and stem. A typical gate valve is shown in Figure 12.1.1. The gate, which slides between the seats, is lifted in a direction at right angles to the flow until clear of the flow path. ...<< more>>

Flow Coefficient, Cv, to Flow Factor, Kv, Converter – My

Flow coefficient, Cv, and Flow Factor, Kv, are values used to specify the hydraulic capacity of a control valve. Flow coefficient is an imperial measurement and is defined as: the flow of water through a valve at 60°F in US gallons/minute (gpm) at a pressure drop of 1lb/in2 . ...<< more>>

Control Valve Excel Worksheets - Control Valve Application

For example, you can calculate required control valve capacity (Cv or Kv) for Minimum, Normal, Maximum and one additional flow condition. Engineering units are by default set to US units, but can be easily changed to SI units. ...<< more>>


KNIFE GATE VALVES TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - Materials of Construction - Specifications Pressure/Temperature Ratings for Ductile Iron Body* Valve Size Direct Pressure Reverse Pressure 2-48"' (50-1200mm) 150 or 250 psi CWP The limiting factor in valve selection is the lowest temperature component. Pressure, psi/kPa Temperature, oF/oC ...<< more>>

Data sheet Manual presetting valve - Danfoss Heating

Data sheet Manual presetting valve MSV-F2 1 Body EN-GJL250 2 Plug 3 Valve cone 3,1 Seat soft sealing 4 Rod 5 Stroke limiter/Allen screw Ethylenglycol correction factor Data sheet Manual presetting valve MSV-F2 DN 15 / PN 16 / PN 25 Setting k v-value 1 0,45 2 1,26 3 2,73 ...<< more>>

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Find Full Body 3D Scanners related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Full Body 3D Scanners information. Form Factor: Open Frame; Show More Supplier Catalog Go To Website Download Datasheet leakage: 1st Stage – Pyramidal body and stem seal Internal Pressure of the valve pushes the...