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Lobe Rotor Pump SLR-A - Positive displacement pumps INOXPA

The SLR-A pump is a positive displacement lobe rotor pump designed to transfer abrasive products. The pump offers high perfromance and reliability. It is characterised by a reduced size, detachable connections and rectangular casing inlet. ...<< more>>

Rotor Stator for Plastering Machine - Putzparts24

Rotor Stator pumps are progressive cavity pumps, which are a type of positive displacement pump and are also known as an eccentric screw pump. The rotor, which is generally made of highly wear-resistant metal, forms conveying chambers on the inner side of the stator. ...<< more>>

Ismaksan - Progressive Cavity Pumps - Rotary Lobe Pumps

Ismaksan - Progressive Cavity Pumps - Rotary Lobe Pumps - Positive Displacement Pumps. Ismaksan is an engineering company specialized in manufacturing progressive cavity pumps. ...<< more>>

Rotor Stator Pumps - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers

Pump Rotor And Stator We have more than ten years experience on producing Pump Rotor and Stator, we can supply you all kinds of Pump Rotor and Stator for electric motor, we can also open mould according to customers request. These Pump Rotor And Stators are available at affordable prices. ...<< more>>

The Rotor of an Eccentric Screw Pump - Spare Part Services

The rotor is also a retrofit part. It wears out somewhat slower than the stator, but in certain cases, it is by far more preferable to change both the rotor and the stator at the same time, ...<< more>>

Fundamentals | PC-PUMP

Cavities are created by the geometry of the rotor and stator where the stator has one more lobe than the rotor. The cavities are moved axially along the pump by the rotating motion of the rotor. The motion of the rotor is a combination of a clockwise rotation of the rotor along its own axis and a counterclockwise rotation of the rotor ...<< more>>

Viking Pump Rotor & Shafts - PumpRack

We have tens of thousands of pumps and parts on our racks ready-to-ship (and new stuff arriving daily.) It's far too much for our team of helper monkeys to list online. ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement Pumps (Part Two): Rotary Pumps

Its rotor is a bar with a shoe or roller at either end. The pumping chamber, or stator, is a continuous length of flexible tubing or hose set in a semicircular or U-shaped housing. applications because corrosive fluids are completely contained in the tubing and do not come into contact with other parts of the pump. (image courtesy of ...<< more>>

How do rotor stator pumps work? - Quora

In this type of pump, an elastomeric stator is moulded with double helex profile. Rotor is metallic single helical screw shape.When rotor rotates in stator , due to shapes , cavities are formed and progressed during rotation of rotor. ...<< more>>

Pump Types - Tuthill Pump

?Review different pump types commonly used ?Understand the difference between centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps ?Understand the working principle of the Tuthill ...<< more>>

Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps - Vacaero

Rotary vane pumps (Fig. 1) are designed so that the stator of the pump is immersed in oil and contains a rotor which is eccentrically mounted. The rotor contains two vanes which slide in diametrically opposed slots. ...<< more>>

PC Pumps | Mono Pumps (Aust) Pty Ltd

The heart of the Mono pump is the rotor and stator. As the single helix rotor revolves eccentrically within the double helix of the stator, a continuous cavity is formed and progresses towards the discharge end of the pump as the rotor rotates. ...<< more>>

China Lobe Pump manufacturer, Rotary Lobe Pump, Rotor Pump

DURREX-PUMPS is a sino-German enterprise, specilized in R&D and make three series products in fluid transfer filed: twin-rotor lobe pump, homogeneous&emulsification pump and compund&homogeneous pump, The products are sold well in 16 countries and regions. ...<< more>>

NETZSCH - Westcomm Pump

Whether for sludge, chemical substances, adhesives, petroleum or yogurt, we can meet your requirements with the proper combination from our selection of 10+ NETZSCH pump types, four rotor/stator geometries and our variety of engineered joints. ...<< more>>

vacuum pump rotor suppliers and vacuum pump - SeekPart

Rotary Lobe Pump Rotor pump is also named colloid pump, three-lobe pump, sole pump, etc. When the 2 simultaneous reverse rotating rotors (with 2-4 gears) revolve, it produces suction force at the inlet (vacuum), w ...<< more>>

Product | Wuhan EvenWall Machinery Co., Ltd.

Uniform Wall Thickness Stator – Multi Lobe Power Section – Downhole Drilling Motor / Mud Motor Multi Lobe Power Section for Downhole Drilling Motors (Mud Motors); Even Wall Stators/Rotors for mineral oil transportation (Artificial Lift). ...<< more>>

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Progressing Cavity Pumps

Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Progressing Cavity Pumps Chad Huskey MOYNO Tech Eng. chad.huskey@nov . 4 is a positive displacement pump and therefore a fixed volume is displaced with each revolution of the pump’s Rotor. ? The Rotor forms a single helix (like a corkscrew) and rotates ? Metal Rotor and Stator combinations ...<< more>>

Jabsco Hygienic Lobe Pumps | All Pumps

JABSCO Hy-Line Rotary Lobe pumps are robust, durable machines designed for long life in demanding applications. Modular construction, using interchangeable parts, enables pumps with a wide range of seal, port and rotor configurations to be built and motorised on short lead times. ...<< more>>

Rotary Lobe Pump, Stator promote sustainable use. - Insights

A radically new rotary lobe pump, the TORNADO? T2, is the example of a complete pump redesign – beginning with the operating principle. The greatest difference with respect to previous pumps of this type is the reversal of materials in the conveying chamber. ...<< more>>

Progressive Cavity Pump Spare Parts - Stators, Rotors

The mechanical connection parts are also retrofit parts and have to be replaced at regular intervals. Find out more Volumetric pumps for industrial applications — Grundfos pumps for the industry, water supply, distribution & water treatment. ...<< more>>

Alfa Laval - SRU

SRU rotary lobe pumps are designed with features that maximize performance and minimize the risk of contamination. These include a defined compression front cover sealing, rotor nut retention design, drainable pump head and ultra-clean surface finishes....