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Oil-Free (Dry) Pumps by Welch-ILMVAC - Terra Universal

These oil-free pumps are compact, economical and ideal for a variety of general vacuum applications. Simplicity is the key to the economical aluminum design of the pump. As the piston wobbles, air resistance on upward stroke expands Teflon seal on the piston to increase its efficiency while compensating for the wobble action. ...<< more>>

3AL2281 Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps | Airtech Vacuum

3AL2281 Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps The Airtech 3AL vacuum pump uses proven liquid ring technology in an air-cooled self-contained package, offering reliable operation with only a small amount of make-up water needed for some applications. ...<< more>>

US Vacuum Pumps

DV Series Rotary Vane Dry Vacuum Pumps . The DV series of pumps are 100% oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps. They are designed to operate on a continuous basis at any point from atmospheric pressure to a vacuum level of 22.5—27' Hg depending on the pump model. ...<< more>>

Dry Rotary Piston Vacuum/Pressure Pumps - Fluid Technology

The AIRTECH Dry Piston Vacuum Pumps and Air Compressors are ideal products for the medical, instrumentation, calibration and portable equipment OEM markets. The lightweight compact design and quiet operation makes them the first choice for equipment that operates in close proximity to populated environments. ...<< more>>

Welch 2562B-01 WOB-L Laboratory Dry Oil-Free Piston Vacuum

These Welch 2562B-01 laboratory duty dry oil-free piston vacuum pumps are perfect for many common laboratory vacuum applications. The 2562B-01 produces and ultimate vacuum pressure of 7.5 Torr (29.6 inches of Hg) but do NOT include a vacuum regulator, pressure gauge, or water vapor trap. ...<< more>>

vacuum pump

1/2 HP, 3 CFM, dual stage deep draw vacuum pump. ACDelco 12669488 GM Original Equipment Vacuum Pump. by ACDelco. Twin Piston Oilless Oilfree Oil-Less Oil-Free Vacuum Pump 5.5CFM 3/4 HP Good for Dairy Farm Milker Pulsator Hookup Epoxy Resin Infusion Workshop Bagging Medical/Dental Office Push Pull Shop Wet Dry Vacuums; Health & Household ...<< more>>

Welch Dry Vacuum Pump - Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps - Vacuum

Reliable WOB-L Piston pumps are perfect for many common laboratory vacuum applications. Features: Vacuum and Pressure - to 70 Torr (27.2"Hg). Includes Vacuum and Pressure Regulators and Gauges - simple to adjust and monitor vacuum level and delivery pressure. ...<< more>>

Pfeiffer XtraDry150-2 Piston Dry Vacuum Pump, Oil Free

Pfeiffer XtraDry150-2 Piston Dry Vacuum Pump, Oil Free, 115 VAC, POP01151, P0P01151. The Pfeiffer XtraDry 150-2 is an oil free vacuum pump, which is based and operates on the piston principle. Each compression stage consists of a cylinder in which a piston reciprocates in a cylinder. ...<< more>>

Piston Air Compressor/Vacuum Pump - W. W. Grainger

Get a piston air compressor/vacuum pump from Grainger with aluminum cylinders and heads, thermally protected shaded-pole motors and high torque start windings. ...<< more>>

Piston Type Dry Vacuum Pumps - Promivac Engineers

These are Single Stroke. Air-cooled reciprocating units available in single and double stage configuration and can achieve vacuum upto 29.6" Hg (752 mm Hg). ...<< more>>

Choose the Right Vacuum Pump - Graham Corporation

Dry pumps and rotary piston pumps can each evacuate to 10 micrometers Hg; once-through oil pumps can Unlike ejectors and liquid-ring pumps, dry vacuum pumps are devices that need no working fluids. Three types are available: the A once-through-oil (OTO) vacuum pump is a sliding-vane type that uses once-through oil to seal clearances ...<< more>>

PUMPS AND BOOSTERS - Tuthill Vacuum & Blower

? No metal-to-metal contact between pump piston and cylinder - clearances are filled with oil ? Quiet running KT models include an integral, positive pressure lubrication system to insure reliable lubrication at all pressure levels. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps: Oil-free Alternatives | Lab Manager

Vacuum pumps used in laboratories can be classified into two main types—rotary vane pumps, sometimes referred to as oillubricated pumps, and dry (oil-free) pumps. They operate in different ways to create vacuum and aspirate fluids. ...<< more>>

Oil-Less Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

Oil-less compressors, liquid and vacuum pumps, variable vacuum pumps, packaged and tank mounted systems. With a wide range of pressure, vacuum and liquid technologies including: WOB-L piston, articulated piston, diaphragm, rotary vane, linear and peristaltic, Thomas offers the broadest product range in the industry. ...<< more>>


and safety instructions and you will receive years of trouble free service. ? Pump only clean, dry air. ? Operate at 32oF - 104oF (0oC - 40oC). ? Protect unit from dirt & moisture. ? Do not pump flammable or explosive gases or use in an atmosphere that contains such gases. Gast Manufacturing Oil-Less Piston Vacuum Pumps and ...<< more>>

Welch 2581B-50 WOB-L Laboratory Dry Oil-Free Piston Vacuum

Buy the Welch 2581B-50 WOB-L Laboratory Dry Oil-Free Piston Vacuum Pump, 3.5 CFM 100 LPM, 5 torr, 115 VAC, Welch Vacuum Part Number 2581B, 2581 for sale at Ideal Vacuum. ...<< more>>



Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd.

Rocker series vacuum pump is a piston-powered, oil-free pump. With innovative electronic, mechanical technology and human design concept make Rocker's family quiet and low vibration, compact and light weight, clean and maintenance free, safe and comfortable. ...<< more>>

Piston vacuum generator - All industrial manufacturers

DescriptionThe oil-free and dry compressing small piston pumps from the PB-37 product line can be used for evacuating, conveying and compressing gases and vapours up to a final vacuum of 180 mbar. Three ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps - Chemicals

Vacuum Work Dry running pump, compact and portable 38L/min Fisher Scientific Vacuum Pumps Fisher Scientific oil-free piston pumps and diaphragm pumps for a variety of applications such as filtration of low volumes, degassing, gas transfer and sampling. The FB70155 piston pump is ideal for the basic filtration of non-aggressive solvents. ...<< more>>

ULVAC KIKO.Inc, >Vacuum Pump > Vacuum pump maker

ULVAC KIKO provides variety vacuum products to the growth of world wide industries and science. Dry Vacuum pumps, Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps, Mechanical Booster pumps, Vacuum deposition device, Sputtering System ,Vacuum coater ect....