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Products for Maintaining Your Evaporative Swamp Cooler

A purge pump helps to keep the water in your evaporative cooler clean all summer long. It cleans the water in the cooler automatically every 6 to 8 hours of use by pumping a percentage of the water out of the pan so it can be replaced with fresh water. ...<< more>>

Water Usage: How it relates to our products | Phoenix

When discussing water usage, opponents of Evaporative Coolers, (Proponents of Refrigeration) often equate “Usage” to “Waste”. This could never be farther from the truth! Water is a resource like many others in that it is 100% renewable after use in an evaporative cooler. ...<< more>>

Evaporative cooler tips - srpnet

Evaporative coolers cool air by filtering it through water, thus lowering its temperature. Evaporative coolers produce humid air because the air absorbs water during the cooling process. These systems work best when a small amount of outside air circulates into the home while the cooler is on. ...<< more>>

Easily Prevent Pump Damage for Your Evaporative Cooler

Easily Prevent Pump Damage for Your Swamp Cooler. Evaporative coolers, or swamp coolers, are one of the best machines to keep your home or workplace cool. The dedicated pumps used in swamp coolers use a centrifugal action to pump water so that it can be sprayed into the air for cooling. ...<< more>>

Honeywell Water Pump for CO60PM | Sylvane

This Honeywell replacement water pump is compatible with the CO60PM Evaporative Cooler. The water pump regulates the amount of water flowing into the cooler, controlled by the water regulator on the unit. ...<< more>>

Evaporative Coolers & Swamp Coolers - Global Industrial

Replacement Part 1/6 HP Pump for Evaporative Coolers Replace old, worn out parts and accessories to your evaporative cooler. Installs in 24", 36" and 48" Evaporative Coolers. Pumps water out from internal water reservoir and disperses into media filter for cooler air environments. Product Specifications. ...<< more>>

Dial Manufacturing, Inc. - About Evaporative Cooling

The concept involves pumping water from the bottom tray of an evaporative cooler up to distributor tubes. The water is routed through the distributor tubes and is directed out to the sides of the cooler where it is dropped onto a cooling media. ...<< more>>

How to Fix Your Swamp Cooler ("Overclock" It 50%)

If a larger size pump is used in a cooler then what it designed for, there will be too much water put into the water troughs and water droplets can be drawn into the house. A restrictor can be installed on the pump water supply hose to reduce the amount of water that is delivered to the water troughs. ...<< more>>

Evaporative Coolers & Misters - Walmart

Shop all Oral Care Electric Toothbrushes Water Flossers. Bath & Body. Shop all Bath & Body Lotions Body Wash. Evaporative Coolers & Misters. Showing 23 of 83 results that match your query. Search Product Result. Port-A-Cool KuulAire PACKA43 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit with 175 sq ft Cooling Capacity, Silver. ...<< more>>

Maintaining Your Evaporative Cooler - Air & Water

If your evaporative cooler's manufacturer recommends water treatment tablets, regularly use these in your unit in order to prevent mineral build-up, to control corrosion, and to freshen the air. Shutting down the system when it's not in use. ...<< more>>

Portacool | Portable Evaporative Air Coolers | When

Our evaporative coolers are cost-effective, they’re portable, and they operate on nothing more than a small power draw and tap water. No expensive installation, or ductwork. PORTACOOL JETSTREAM SERIES - ...<< more>>

SWAMP COOLER WIRING | Swamp Cooler | Evaporative Cooler - HVAC

The best time to rough in your swamp cooler wiring and water line for your new cooler is after the holes are cut through the roof and ceiling, but before the ductwork is installed. The pump only setting is used before each use of the cooler. Turn the pump on for 10 minutes to thoroughly wet the pads before use. ...<< more>>

Portable Evaporative Cooler - 700 CFM ? Products ? Arctic Cove

The Arctic Cove 700 CFM Evaporative Cooler can cool in the hottest conditions. This unit can cool some larger rooms just through the use of passing air through water. For maximum cooling experience this unit can easily be transported from room to room. ...<< more>>

Swamp Cooler Pump - Pro Handyman

The base of the cooler has water in it where a pump picks it up and runs it to the top of the pads (or filters). The water runs down the pads as the blower draws air through the wet pads and blows it into the living space. ...<< more>>

How to Replace an Evaporative Cooler Pump | DoItYourself

An evaporative cooler pump or desert cooler is used to cool a home in a dry climate regions. The water is stored in the tank at the foot to keep a depth of about 3 to 5 inches. The water is stored in the tank at the foot to keep a depth of about 3 to 5 inches. ...<< more>>

How to replace evaporative cooler pump - Air conditioning

Replacing the water pump on your evaporative cooler is necessary after extended use. An evaporative cooler , also known as a swamp cooler, uses water evaporation to produce cooler air and occasionally will need for the water pump to be replace once it decreases in efficiency or breaks down. ...<< more>>

Champion Residential and Commercial Evaporative Coolers

Champion Cooler offers the most comprehensive selection of residential coolers and commercial coolers, as well as custom built direct and indirect evaporative coolers. Our coolers are economical, environmentally friendly and extremely durable. ...<< more>>

Swamp Cooler Size - Evaporative Cooler Sizes and CFMs

The next step to choosing an evaporative cooler is to find a correctly sized unit. Like air conditioners, evaporative coolers need to be the right size in order to adequately cool a room. When it comes to choosing a portable air conditioner, one of the most important factors to take into account is the model's BTU rating. ...<< more>>

Evaporative cooling pumps - ebm-papst A&NZ Pty Ltd

Pumps for evaporative cooling. Pumps for evaporative cooling are used in evaporative air-conditioners. ebm-papst A&NZ have recently launched their new ebm Alpha Pump, the technology leader in evaporative cooling. ...<< more>>

Evaporative Cooler Pumps 110428, 110429, 110467, 110468

Previously Essick Part #506669,506674,70725,70726 Used On All Champion Coolers 1/2 HP and Above ...<< more>>

Evaporative + Swamp Cooler Accessories | Northern Tool

Get More Done with Evaporative Cooler Accessories. Get the evaporative cooler accessories you need to get the job done. Shop swamp cooler accessories including replacement pumps, replacement motors, fan pads, and more....