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TigerChef carries onion soup crocks, with and without a handle, in several different styles, perfect for serving French onion soup, chili and chowder in your food establishment. Shop top brands International Tableware, Vertex and CAC China for the trendy and versatile onion soup crock, at great online prices. ...<< more>>

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If you've got a sous vide machine, you can make caramelized onions ahead and tasty French Onion Soup is only 30 minutes away. ...<< more>>

Sous vide caramelized onions for soup - eGullet Forums

The advantage of packing them raw is that they're dry so you can seal them in a clamp style vacuum machine. If you have a chamber style machine, I'd microwave them until soft, then seal. The onion juice, I made by pureeing in a food processor then passing through a sieve and pouring into ziplock bags. ...<< more>>

Onion Soup Bowl, handled, 10 oz., 4-3/4" dia. (7" with handle

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Organic French Onion Soup - 32oz - 6 count

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French for "under vacuum" SousVide is a food-packaging technique whereby vacuum-packed food pouches are submerged within a bath of precise water temperature for a precise time. At the end of this time, results that are impossible to achieve through any other method become possible. ...<< more>>

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For additional products to go with your French onion soup bowls, check out our categories of soup bases, ladles, and ovenable dishes. If you're wondering where to buy hall china french onion soup bowls and soup crocks, we have a large selection of hall china french onion soup bowls and soup crocks for sale at the lowest prices....