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More on the results of vacuum pumps:

Isolating Cannabis Terpenes, Part II: Actual Process

When you create a deep vacuum there is little to no heat transfer from the external area to the vacuum because there is nothing in there to transfer the energy around, so we use a inert gas to added to the deep vacuum to provide molecules that will help transfer the heat energy around. ...<< more>>

Why cant I find a crumble recipe ANYWHERE?! | Page 2

I usually heat my trim on low temp in oven to completely dry out product. Once the bubble action slows to stops, I bring inside for 2nd water bath in double broiler over hot plate again maintaining 90 degrees. 5.Once all bubble action. Has came to a halt, I then proceed to scrape. I wipe onto a slick pad and put in the vacuum chamber set to ...<< more>>

The Clear? Dragonball ? r/CannabisExtracts - reddit

From what I know from the person I purchased from, they've spent approximately 10,000 on the rotovape, short path and heating mantle, and the vacuum pump that hits under 5 micron. I'm not sure what else is involved. ...<< more>>

Hash Oil Extraction Archives - Hemp Hacker

Purging is an easy job when you have a vacuum and vacuum oven on hand. Ethanol boils off at 78.5C at atmospheric pressure. If you pull a full vacuum (assuming you can pull -28.5”Hg), it reduces ethanol’s boiling point to 12.8C, which is well below room temperature. ...<< more>>

What is the Best Extraction Method? - Page 5 - c-w - free

I believe there will be trace amounts of butane remaining no matter what the separation method Im not really sure if a bit of butane (esp pure n-butane) is bad for you ...<< more>>

The Art & Science Of Cleaning Concentrates, Part 1&2

Place the undried BDS on the shelf of the vacuum drying oven and set the temperature on the oven to 60°C. A vacuum level of 8.0 millitorr is desirable, which develops fairly quickly. When the 8.0 millitorr is achieved, close the vacuum valve, turn off the pump and open the chamber door. ...<< more>>

Spraying Directly onto Parchment [Archive] - TokeCity

You do have to purge it to get it to eventually be hard, you can also put the bag and oil in a warm water bath or on a heating pad. QWISO takes a lot longer to purge for me. Pic 3) Then you put the Teflon? bag into a regular ziploc, then put them in the freezer. ...<< more>>

Alex's Extract Tek [Archive] - THCtalk - Cannabis

204621204622 Okay now I have my kettle of boiled water sitting on the porch with me, I have my glasses on as well as a glove to hold my extraction tube with(it will get very very cold) and I usually have a helper to hand my the kettle or other things. ...<< more>>

Winterization discussion [Archive] - TokeCity

Or cold boil (vacuum purge) it at 115F down to -29.5" Hg. during a vacuum oven shake down run. A little dark for what it started with, but what you see is at room temperature and was done at 120/130F at -29.5" Hg. so the tank could be kept warmer with more pressure then pushed through the chiller filled with dry ice before it hits the ...<< more>>

Advanced Cannabis E-Liquid Guide | VaporBlog

A minimum of 3.5 grams of high quality loose leaf bud. With Quick Wash Ethanol Tek, just dry and freeze the bud and alcohol, wash it (3min max), filter it, evap at 100F or room temp. I don’t believe you need to purge it for ejmix. the time, you can wait 3-4 days for the alcohol to naturally evaporate off. Use something like a cookie ...<< more>>

Mixing terpenes with wax - pinnacleplasticsinc

Mixing Terpenes with BHO Extract for Flavoring* When it comes to mixing terpenes with BHO extract it is most important to consider the consistency of the starting extract, something that is a hard shatter or dry crumble is going to have the ability to soak up more. ...<< more>>

Skunk Pharm Research LLC - Ommp Pay It Forward - Portland

skunk pharm DIY Vacuum Purging Chamber Join us free on site and ask questions. Source: DIY Vacuum Purging Chamber is the bottom of the cylinder is filled with dry ice , on top of which sits a wire basket of plant material. New Ventilation Cabinet Posted February 5, 2013 by Skunk Pharm Research,LLC in Projects Here is our new ventilation ...<< more>>

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Purge: (Purging) The act of drawing out any solvents from concentrates Reclaim: The excess oil that builds up inside a rig or shovel, which can be “reclaimed” by heating the glass with your blow torch and pouring it out of the rig ...<< more>>

Medical Marijuana Industry Glossary | MMJDOCTORONLINE

Upon heating, dry ice changes into CO2 a cold smoky, odorless and non-toxic gas. Dry sieve Hash is prepared using a mechanical separation process using a variety of sieves (screens) that vibrate to collect the trichomes and fine plant material that is typically very high in resin, oil and cannabinoids. ...<< more>>


- The Grasshopper: A sophisticated portable vape complete with a sleek, discreet design, solid metal construction, and multiple features such as temperature controls, a convection heating compartment with a 45-watt heating element, a lifetime warranty, and more. ...<< more>>

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Butane gas is heavier than air and will pool in low areas, if left to collect butane gas becomes flammable when it reaches 1.8% to 8.5% concentration in air. A small breeze will keep the butane from being able to pool and become dangerous. ...<< more>>

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Stoners Magical Northwest Adventure. On Instagram there are beautiful pictures of lost mountain passes and forgotten, dew-dripped highways that lead out into the sunset. Mixed wit ...<< more>>

?Sports Leisure Clothing 3D Printing Famous Painting Women

Product Name:Sports Leisure Clothing 3D Printing Famous Painting Women Sweatshirt Pullover Long Sleeve O-Neck Loose Comfortable Spring Autumn ...<< more>>

Taiwan Tools Diagnostic Tool New Rapid Type Cylinder

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Secondary Lead Smelter, Emission Test Report: East Penn

? A control module containing a 3-cfm carbon vane vacuum pump (sample gas mover), a calibrated dry gas meter (sample gas volume measurement device), a calibrated orifice (sample gas flow rate monitor), and inclined manometers (orifice and gas stream pressure indicators). ...<< more>>

Manual of Analytical Quality Control for Pesticides and

Particulates are removed from solvents (especially those cleaned up on an adsorbent column) prior to use in HPLC by passage through a solvent-resistant 0.5 V membrane filter, and dissolved gases are removed by heating, stirring under a vacuum, or ultra- sonic agitation....