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Vacuum Pumps - Lab Society

With so many different vacuum pumps, choosing the right one for your application can be a challenge. Important factors to consider: There are various factors to consider when choosing the right model, including: ultimate depth of vacuum, free-air-displacement (flow rate), wet or dry operation (oil or oil-less) and chemical resistance. ...<< more>>

Laboratory Vacuum Pump Buyers’ Guide | Labcompare

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Vacuum Pumps for Lab & Industry Pump Selection and Application Guide. 2 both routine and research. Choose a general duty vacuum pump if chemical resistance is not ...<< more>>

Vacuum Science, Apparatus, and Experiments

We have two vacuum experiment stations, and your Week 3 experiments will depend whether or not you are using the turbomolecular pump station or the di usion pump station. ...<< more>>

Lab Vacuum Pumps - Labconco

The Labconco vacuum pump product line provides a reliable vacuum source for a variety of needs. Lab vacuum pump systems, including the Scroll oil free vacuum pump, are low maintenance ...<< more>>

Simple vacuum experiments for undergraduate student laboratories

Simple vacuum experiments for undergraduate student device in pumping speed measurements of both rotary pump and high-vacuum pump [4,5], when ...<< more>>

Oil free chemistry diaphragm pumps & vacuum systems

Our chemistry diaphragm pumps are available in a full range of volume flow rates and ultimate vacuum options. Single-stage models reach as much as 70 mbar (absolute) vacuum. Connecting pump heads in series as two-, three- or four-stage pumps improves an ultimate vacuum to as much as 0.6 mbar. ...<< more>>

Laboratory Filtration Systems - Filter Holders and Accessories

Reagents, Chemicals and Labware > Lab Filtration > Filter Holders and Accessories > Vacuum Equipment C10732Designed for laboratories that test a few samples per day. The simple combination of a hand vacuum pump and a Sterifil system can be bench-operated or used as a portable system. ...<< more>>

Rocker Scientific Co., Ltd.

Laboratory Pump / Rotary Vane Lab Pump: Feature Tanker series vacuum pump is a rotary pump, specially engineered for laboratory high volume and medium high vacuum applications, such as vacuum drying, vacuum filtration, centrifugal concentrator etc....