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Positive Displacement Flow Meters Houston, TX | Flow-Tech

Total Control Systems is a leading manufacturer of measurement systems. Our world-class positive displacement flow meters are among the most accurate available in any industry and backed by excellent customer service, support and prompt deliveries. ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement Flow Meters - PD Meters - Aquip

The Positive Displacement Flow Metering Principle. Positive displacement flow meters, or PD meters, have precise chamber volumes allowing the flow meter to directly measure the volume of fluid as it passes through these cavities. ...<< more>>

5 Types of Flow Meters | Don Johns

PD flow meters include piston meters, oval-gear meters, nutating disk meters, rotary vane type meters, etc. Positive displacement flow meters are known for their accuracy. They are commonly used in the transfer of oils and fluids, like gasoline, hydraulic fluids as well as in-home use for water and gas applications. ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement Flow Meter Ancilliaries | ALPECO LTD

LC Air Check Valves for use with M7, M10, M15, M25 and M30 positive displacement flow meters. Differential Valves Differential valves work in conjunction with vapor eliminators to stop the flow of product through the meter until the vapor is eliminated from the system. ...<< more>>

Using Coriolis Mass Flow Meters with Positive Displacement

This study focuses on flow measurement in positive displacement pump systems that utilize rotary sliding vane pumps as the means of flow generation. Further, we narrowed our scope of interest to relatively thin liquids. ...<< more>>

Liquid Controls Positive Displacement Flow Meter | Alpeco Ltd

Alpeco Ltd has been the UK distributor of the Liquid Controls’ positive displacement flow meter range for over 30 years. Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meters are known worldwide for exceptional accuracy, reliability, and longevity in a broad range of applications. ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement Measuring Principle - Gas Flow Meters

Positive Displacement (PD) Flowmeters are volumetric flow meters that measure flow by passing discreet parcels of fluid in precisely known volumes. PD flow meters are precision instruments whose internal moving components are mass-balanced yet remain hydraulically imbalanced. ...<< more>>

PD Rotary Vane Meter - Measurement Solutions

Meter Feature Selection Guide Based Upon Fluid Viscosity and Temperature for Smith Meter ? Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Meters 1 SSU to mPa·s relation based upon sp. gr. of 0.93. ...<< more>>

Overview of Positive Displacement Flowmeters

Positive Displacement Meter is a type of flow meter that requires fluid to mechanically displace components in the meter in order for flow measurement. Positive displacement (PD) flow meters measure the volumetric flow rate of a moving fluid or gas by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes (finite increments or volumes of the fluid). ...<< more>>

MCS Meters - Your flow measurement & control specialist

MCS (Measurement Control Systems) is the number one Distributor of the number one Gas Meter in the World. Let us handle all of your sub metering needs. ...<< more>>

16 Steel Model M16 - FMC Technologies

The Smith Meter? Model M16 Meter is a 16", double-case, straight-through type, rotary vane, positive displacement flow meter and is part of the Crude Transportation (CT) Series of large PD meters. The Crude Transportation Series PD meters incorporate updated design features including lightened blades, full- ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement Vane Meter, Positive Displacement

About product and suppliers: Alibaba offers 132 positive displacement vane meter products. About 6% of these are pumps. A wide variety of positive displacement vane meter options are available to you, such as rotary pump, centrifugal pump. ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement Flowmeter | KOBOLD USA

When your flow metering problem is particularly dif?cult or when the absolute in precision is a must, the KOBOLD ZDM Series positive-displacement ?owmeter is the choice for you. Available in either stainless steel or cast iron, this flowmeter offers a state-of-the-art solution. ...<< more>>

Positive displacement meter - OilfieldWiki

A positive displacement meter is a type of flow meter that requires fluid to mechanically displace components in the meter in order for flow measurement. For both types of positive displacement flow meters, This information is used to determine flow rate. Rotary vane. ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement / Volumetric Flow Meters - Max

Positive Displacement (PD) Flow meters are volumetric flow instruments that measure flow by passing a precise volume of fluid with each revolution. PD flow meters are precision instruments whose internal moving components are hydraulically locked in tandem with the volume of fluid moving through the flow meter. ...<< more>>

Products | Brodie International Products and Accessories

Positive Displacement (PD) Flow Meters: Brodie International offers a full complement of industry leading high accuracy positive displacement flow meters ranging from a 1/2” Oval Meter to a 16” BiRotor P-Style. ...<< more>>

Rotary Piston Positive Displacement Meters and Flow

The 682 series piston flow meter is a true positive displacement flow meter that has an inline design consisting of three (3) reciprocating pistons operating within their respective measuring chambers, where each piston works in a manner similar to an automobile engine. ...<< more>>

Positive-Displacement Flowmeter Snapshot - Flow Control

Positive-Displacement Flowmeter Snapshot. Positive-displacement (PD) flowmeters are the workhorses of today’s flowmeter world. Even though they face stiff competition from new-technology meters in some segments, PD meters still remain the best solution for certain applications. ...<< more>>

About Positive Displacement Flow Meters | Instrumart

Flow Meter Resources Flow Meter Application Advisor . Positive displacement flow meters measure the volumetric flow rate of a moving fluid or gas by way of precision-fitted gears or rotors containing cavities through which precisely known volumes of fluid pass. ...<< more>>

Positive Displacement Flow Meter - Oil Flow Meter Manufacturer

In general, a positive displacement flow meter consists of a chamber or cavity which restricts the flow. A rotating or reciprocating mechanical device is located inside the chamber to generate fixed-volume discrete parcels from the flowing liquid. ...<< more>>

Total Control Systems (TCS) - Piston and Rotary Positive

Total Control Systems (TCS) manufactures piston and rotary positive displacement flow meters, for use in the petroleum, chemical, industrial, food processing, agricultural industries....