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Liquid-ring pump - Wikipedia

Liquid-ring systems can be single- or multistage. Typically a multistage pump will have up to two compression stages on a common shaft. In vacuum service, the attainable pressure reduction is limited by the vapour pressure of the ring-liquid. ...<< more>>

How liquid ring vacuum pumps work - EnggCyclopedia

Figure 1 - Schematic of a liquid ring vacuum pump. One of the terms used when designing a liquid ring vacuum pump (LRVP) system is pull-down time, i.e. the time needed to achieve the desirable operating vacuum from atmospheric pressure. ...<< more>>

Construction, Working, Operation and Maintenance of Liquid

2 Construction, Working, Operation and Maintenance of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are rotary machines. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Systems: Understanding A Key Component of a Modern

liquid ring vacuum pumps, steam jet ejectors, and hybrid systems, are used for numerous applications in all types of power plants. The proper operation of a power plant’s vacuum system is essential to the proper operation of the ...<< more>>

Cavitation in Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps used in Condenser

the liquid ring vacuum pump A liquid ring vacuum pump consists of a multi-bladed, rotating element (impeller), eccentricity positioned within a cylindrical casing. ...<< more>>


vacuum pump begins to operate efficiently and the inter-stage bypass check valve closes to allow two-stage pump operation at lower absolute pressures. Unique Systems has developed a line of liquid ring condenser exhausters to satisfy typical Heat ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps & Systems for the Power Industry

System Design Features Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 2-stage design for high vacuum operation Meets HEI requirements without cavitation High seal flow rates for maximum condensing ...<< more>>

Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - Principles of Operation

To produce vacuum in a two-stage liquid ring vacuum pimp, a multi-blade impeller on a shaft is positioned eccentrically in a cylindrical housing that is partially filled with sealing liquid As the shaft turns, a liquid ring is created by the centrifugal force generated by the rotating impeller. ...<< more>>

Optimizing vacuum systems for energy-efficient operation

ring vacuum pump, creating a system with a two-stage ejector, one vacuum intercondenser and a liquid-ring vacuum pump. The single-stage liquid-ring pump absorbs 50 brake horse-...