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VALVE GUIDE FOR THE PULP & PAPER INDUSTRY BULLETIN 97.01-01 MAY 2016. High Performance Butterfly Valve - Vacuum and Air Control SEAL BOXES SEAL BOXES Thick Stock Pump To Bleach Plant or Screen Room HIG H - DENSITY STORAGE BLOW TANK BLACK LIQUOR FILTRATE VALVES ...<< more>>

Nor-Cal Products by Pfeiffer Vacuum 2018 Manual Butterfly

the chamber or vacuum pump to isolate traps or abatement tools. A stainless steel body ? Gate shields for linear seal seat, allowing bakeout gate valve O-rings Machined Ball Valves Our new ball valves are a low cost, manually O-ring Material Options SEAL MATERIAL CODE FKM Default (no code) Kalrez 4079-K79 Kalrez 8085-K85 ...<< more>>

Vacuum Truck Maintenance Guide - Pik Rite

Vacuum Truck Maintenance Guide A Quick-start Guide to There are two types of valves; lever valves and butterfly valves. Vacuum pumps come with one of two types of oil pumps; fixed-flow and adjustable. Fixed-flow oil pumps are set from the factory and do not need to be adjusted. ...<< more>>

GoToParts - Valves

Pumps; Ram; Valves; Weldments; Vacuum Trucks. Top Vacuum Parts; Blowers; Core Components; Cusco Models; Cylinders; Drive Line; Bray Butterfly Valve With 6" Air Actuator Clockwise Action p/n: VA008115 VA008115. BETTS 6" VALVE WITH O-RING p/n: VA026257 VA026257. In Stock. Call For More Details. ...<< more>>

High-vacuum valve - All industrial manufacturers

Application Htc Pneumatic butterfly valve is driven by rotating cylinder valve. The seal plate compacts O-ring isolated Metso Mapag BO series butterfly valve is designed for Vacuum Pressure 320 mm. Series 110 HV gate valve with Bellows Area of application: Stainless steel bellows sealed High Vacuum Gate Valve for pump isolation ...<< more>>

Race Ready Performance Electric Exhaust Cutout Kits | JEGS

Extra thick gasket seals better and protects against heat High-temperature O-ring strengthens seal Built-in thermal protection device helps prevent motor overload ...<< more>>

Milk Valves & Accessories-Parts Dept.

Home / Milking Equipment / Milk Line Parts / Milk Valves & Accessories Sort by Price Low->High Price High->Low Title A->Z Title Z->A Item Code A->Z Item Code Z->A Popularity Top Rated ...<< more>>

1 Way Vacuum Valves | Products & Suppliers | Engineering360

Description: The V-5700 and V-5800 Series Vacuum Piloted 3-Way Valve has an adjustable vacuum pilot setpoint; the sensing vacuum range is 1 to 28" Hg. Maximum signal pressure is 29.9" Hg. Maximum signal pressure is 29.9" Hg. ...<< more>>

Standard P&ID Symbols Legend | Industry Standardized P&ID

Liquid ring vacuum pump Positive displacement pump Horizontal pump Vertical pump Sump pump Positive displacement pump 2 Butterfly Valve Angle Valve Hand-Operated Flanged Valve Angle Globe Valve Flanged Valve 2 Relief Valve Filters Compressors Mixers Crushers Centrifuges Motors Peripheral Piping and Connecting Shapes Instrument ...<< more>>

0519 - R304P - Westinghouse Technology 7.3 Westinghouse

of the high pressure turbine is used to drive the impeller of a shaft-driven oil pump. Throttle Valves Each reheat stop valve is a butterfly valve held in the open position by high pressure oil. When the turbine is Gland seal supply and exhaust piping is ...<< more>>

Booted, Molded, or Cartridge: Which is the Best Seat for

The functionality of a butterfly valve is greatly dependent on the seat, which seals between the pipe flanges and the valve disc. In this type of valve, the stem is centered in the middle of the valve disc, which is centered in the pipe bore. ...<< more>>

Check Valves for Vacuum Systems: - ANVER Vacuum Material

Check Valves for Vacuum Systems: New and Improved by ANVER Competitively priced and used in virtually every vacuum application shown on our website Vacuum Filters & Exhaust Mufflers; Vacuum Check, Relief, Ball and Sensing Valves etc. The main restriction of a vacuum system is at the check valve. By using a smaller pump, the flow will ...<< more>>


434-0024 Butterfly Valve, 4" 395-5018-01 Crank Handle withU-Joint 395-5018 Crank Handle, Standard CONTAINER, TANK, LIQUID VACUUM & HOSE PARTS Two Year Warranty! Model RCF-500LUF shown is our RF500-15 SM Seal Housing RF500-78A Snap Ring- For BVA RF500-35A Snap Ring N5000-237 ...<< more>>

Demaco Vacuum

Overpressure Relief Valve; Combination Valve Seal-Vent; Smooth Venting Valve; Smooth Pumping Valve; Vacuum Pumps / Filters . Oil Free Scroll Pump; Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps; Laboratory Vacuum System; Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump; Turbo Pumps; Getter Ion Vacuum Pump; Titanium Sublimation Pump; Exhaust Filter; Inlet Filter; Particle Filter; Organic ...<< more>>

Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd - Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves

Ozkan Seal On Disc Butterfly Valve; Butterfly Valve; Check Valves. Gillies Swing Check Valves; Air Release and Vacuum Break Valves. increasing energy consumption required to pump the water through, thus reducing the overall system efficiency. ENQUIRE PRODUCT PDF. Related products. Product details. ...<< more>>

ZWICK TRI-CON Triple Offset, Metal Seated, Butterfly Valves

TRI-CON valves incorporate a unique third offset with a 25-degree incline, eliminating the friction between the laminated seal ring and the body seat. The resulting camming action allows the stainless and graphite laminated seal ring, with a corresponding 25-degree inclined surface, to seat into an inclined 25-degree body seat. ...<< more>>

Used and New Vacuum Valves - BMI Surplus, Inc

BMI Surplus offers a huge inventory of Used & New Vacuum Valves for sale - Looking for a gate valve, high vacuum valve or a pneumatic vacuum valve? Our inventory is updated daily and ready to ship worldwide today. ...<< more>>

Throttling Butterfly Valves - Mdc Vacuum Products

MDC’s patented bellows sealed TBVs are the only metal sealed vacuum butterfly valves on the market. This is the only throttling butterfly valve on the market with a metal shaft seal. The integrated controller is the same size on all Throttling Butterfly Valves. The valve body shown above has ISO KF-25 clamp-style flanges. 1 9 ...<< more>>

Proper Piping for Vacuum Systems - Graham Corporation

ed to ensure there is enough liquid present to seal the tailpipe. As vacuum is produced, the water rises in the tailpipe to the ing an overboard valve, plus a condensate pump removing liquid intercondenser plus a liquid ring vacuum pump (LRVP). In such configurations, the LRVP must ...<< more>>

Air Valves | Air release valves | Air vacuum valves | Air

Our comprehensive range of Air Valves are available in a wide range of metallurgies, seating materials, valve coatings and sizes and can meet the requirements of many applications from potable water to abrasive slurries and corrosive chemicals. ...<< more>>

Downstream Pressure Controllers and Valves from MKS

With the downstream control technique, an exhaust throttle valve is opened or closed, changing the conductance to the vacuum pump in order to achieve and maintain the desired process pressure—independent of gas inlet....