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What type of pump is used for highly viscous fluid and Why

Figure 1. Internal gear pumps are ideal for high-viscosity liquids, but they are damaged when pumping large solids. Because of their ability to operate at low speeds, internal gear pumps are well suited for high-viscosity applications and where suction conditions call for a pump with minimal inlet pressure requirements. ...<< more>>


High pour-point crude oils, even if low in viscosity, are frequently transported by screw pumps. The constant flow rate of screw pumps provides a scouring action that minimizes wax buildup on pipe ...<< more>>

High Viscosity Screw Pump, High Viscosity Screw Pump

Summarize: 1. high viscosity triple screw asphalt bitumen screw pump price with unique design of double jacket casing, can transmit heavy oil without particle, non-corrosive oil. ...<< more>>

high viscosity pump

GPI 142100-01, L5116 Oil Pump High Viscosity Oil Pump, 4 GPM, 115/230-VAC, 0.75-Inch Ball Valve Nozzle, 0.75-Inch X 8-Foot Hose, 3-Foot Power Cord with Three-Prong Grounded Plug, Suction Pipe ...<< more>>

Heavy Crude Oil Transfer Using Twin-Screw Pumps

Heavy oil has been defined to have a dynamic viscosity of more than 10 cP or less than 22.3 ° API, and a high specific gravity. In addition there is ultra heavy oil (or bitumen) with a very high viscosity or less than 10° API respectively. ...<< more>>

Viscous fluid pump - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

Suitable for light or heavy lubricating products with medium to high viscosity The NETZSCH Two Screw Pumps have a drive screw intermeshing with a driven screw, transfering torque from one screw to the other. Flow ...<< more>>

High viscosity asphalt bitumen screw pumps China Manufacturer

High viscosity asphalt bitumen screw pumps also been called Screw Pump, it's one kind of insulation Three Screw Pump. pump be used to transfer high temperature and high viscosity liquid, like bitumen, crude oil, heavy oil etc. this kind of progressive cavity pump with a insulation jacket, can inject hot oil, hot water and steam cycle to keep ...<< more>>

high viscosity pump | eBay

Leistritz Screw Pump 14" x 14" L2NG 316 Stainless Steel SS High Viscosity See more like this Robinair 13204 Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil 4 One Gallon Jugs Maintain Viscosity Brand New ...<< more>>

SEIM Self-Priming Screw-Pumps for Thickened Flow Mediums

The MPV flow meter is a three-screw design that is an ideal solution for heavy industrial applications for high-viscosity liquids. The MPV flow meter comes in flow ranges from 0.75 to 155 GPM with >0.2% accuracy and with the ability to extend its range up to 230 GPM at >0.5%. ...<< more>>

Crude Oil Transport Pumps - Flo-Line Technology

Single suction two-screw pumps The TUSHACO? two-screw pump is a rotary, self-priming positive displacement pump. The basic pump design is an overhung, single suction machine for low to moderate ?ow rates....