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6*Solar Panel &24V Deep Well Water Pump System Submersible Hole Bore Pump 2m3/h ...<< more>>

Solar Water Pump Manufacturer: The Price of Solar | Advanced

If you have been considering investing in solar, now is the time. With solar water pumps from Advanced Power, you can save money, help the planet, and make your irrigation system more efficient! With improved solar technology and more affordable prices, investing in solar is a great option at this time in solar history. ...<< more>>

Solar Water Pumps Price List 1-HP to 10-HP in India

Solar Water Pumps Price List 1-HP to 10-HP in India Working of Solar Water Pumping Systems Solar Water Pumping system is a water lifting system powered by electricity generated by Solar panels. ...<< more>>

Gowe submersible solar water pump, solar water pump price, dc

MAX FLOW 1.8m3/h MAX HEAD 60m OUTLET SIZE 3/4"in DIAMETER OF PUMP 76 mm solar water pump, solar borehole pump system, dc pump for deep well The price includes: ...<< more>>

Solar Water Pumps for sale | eBay

Specifications Solar battery power:7V ,1.4W Solar pannel size: 16cm * 2.5cm Pump power: 7V , 1.1W Max Lift of pump : 100cm Max flow quantity of pump : 160L/h Max water height: 30-50cm The life time : over 10000 hrs Delay: less than 3s Color: black Restart: if sunshine is off, can restart within 3 seconds when sunshine is back. ...<< more>>

solar water pump systems China Solar Water Pump System

Solar Water Pump System Solar Water Pumping System Used Widely In Home Daily Using,Industrial Factories, Agriculture Irrigation, Islands, Deserts Controlling, Municipal Construction, Wastewater Treatment, Foundations, Hotels, Schools, Villages, etc It is composed by PV Panel, PV Pump Driver and PV Pumps. ...<< more>>

SunRotor Submersible Solar Water Pumps | SunRotor | altE

The new SunRotor Helical Rotor Submersible Solar Pumps allows for maximum functional lift capability of up to 425 feet. Powered by solar, battery, or a combination of the two, maximum flow at 100 feet can be up to 15.1 gallons/minute. ...<< more>>

Solar Water Pumps & Water Pump Systems | Real Goods

If you need to move water, solar water pumps are the most efficient option. A solar water pump system is about as straightforward as it gets. With this setup - also known as solar-direct - a solar panel is wired directly to a solar water pump. No batteries. No inverter. ...<< more>>

Solar Water Pumps - altEstore

Solar water pumps are often used in remote areas where the cost of running traditional AC powered water pumping is cost prohibitive or you just want to provide water to an off-grid home. Solar water pumping systems are also used to pump water for livestock and crop irrigation in remote locations. ...<< more>>

Cost of 5 HP Solar Water Pumping System and Subsidy - EAI

Hello, We are offering "Solar Water Pumping System" that can use your existing 5 Hp Pump, powered by 3 Phase, 440 Volts, 50Hz, AC supply. The total cost (inclusive of all) of the 5 Hp Solar Water Pumping System is Rs. 5,00,000/-This is the price without subsidy....