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Solar Tube Well, Solar Irrigation, Solar Water Pump Systems

Solar Water Pump System Solutions! Water and Irrigation Purposees Projects . In Pakistan, where agriculture is the base of the economy, till date many areas where lands is very fertile, but due to the unavailability of the Electric supply Irrigation is almost impossible or very costly. ...<< more>>

Solar Irrigation Pumps - Solar Powered Irrigation - LORENTZ

Solar Irrigation Pumps - Find a pump from our range of solar powered irrigations pumps. If you already have an irrigation system in place, the LORENTZ range can work with your current irrigation system. ...<< more>>

Solar Irrigation Pumps: A New Way of Agriculture in

Following Bangladesh’s success in expanding solar home systems to provide electricity in rural areas, the World Bank is supporting the government’s effort to install 1,250 solar-powered irrigation pumps by 2018. ...<< more>>

Potential of Solar Irrigation Water Pumps in Pakistan

Potential of Solar Irrigation Water Pumps in Pakistan Pakistan has the world’s largest contiguous irrigation system Pakistan ranks 4. th. (110,000+ solar pumps) ...<< more>>

Advanced Power Inc - Shop Solar Pumps And Other… | Advanced

We are known throughout the solar industry for offering some of the most economical, reliable, and user-friendly solar water pump systems on the market. Explore our variety of pump products and start shopping for your next solar pump today. ...<< more>>

Solar Irrigation Pump

Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit - 400+GPH Submersible Pump and 20 Watt Solar Panel for Sun Powered Fountain, Waterfall, Pond Aeration, Hydroponics, Aquarium, Aquaculture (No battery backup) ...<< more>>

Pakistan Solar Services: Solar Systems, Panels, Solar Tube

Pakistan Solar Services is a innovative and leading solar company, designs and sells solar modules, panels, solar batteries, inverters, wind turbine and complete solar solutions. Do you need consulting for solar solution or energy conservation for your home and offices we are professionals! ...<< more>>

Our Solar Products - Shop Solar Pumps | Advanced Power Inc

Each complete solar water pump system comes with a rebuildable brushless DC or 3-phase AC water pump, 100' of pump wire built-in to the pump, solar panel(s), back of panel aluminum mounts for top-of-pole applications, wire harnesses, and a nylon pre-filter kit. Explore our products below to find the solar pumps you need for your operation or home....