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Pumps are designed to operate within a range of pressures and temperatures. Centrifugal pumps produce heat, which causes liquid expansion and possible vaporization, leading to excessive pressure. ...<< more>>

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Vacuum, or sub-atmospheric pressure, is used in a wide range of chemical processing and manufacturing applications. This article is an introduction to the main vacuum pump technologies suitable for use in the chemical process industries (CPI). ...<< more>>

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Equipment Design The rotors run dry within the pump housing. The gears and rotor bearings are oil-lubricated, but they are external to the pump, as shown in the schematic below to the left. ...<< more>>

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These pumps work by either of two mechanisms, volumetric reduction or the mixing of lower-pressure gas with higher-pressure discharge gas (as in a Roots blower). ...<< more>>

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Special vacuum pumps developed for fusion reactor By Chemical Engineering | March 1, 2014 This company has been awarded a contract to develop special vacuum pumps for the ITER fusion reactor (photo) — a multinational project to further fusion power plants. ...<< more>>

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Chemical Engineering, November 1996 1 Figure 1 (top). design when vacuum equipment is placed in a building or an ele- intercondenser plus a liquid ring vacuum ...<< more>>

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I'm running a 2-stage vacuum tower (upper absorber at 40 Torr, lower absorber at 10 Torr). I understand the liquid ring pump will operate much like a compressor, with the suction pressure being either 40 or 10 Torr and each obviously discharging to atmosphere (i.e. 750 Torr). ...<< more>>


types of pump are explained in detail under the General Design Guideline section. The theory section covers the selection method of the pump based on their application and engineering calculations for the sizing of the pump. ...<< more>>

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Provides vacuum from a single standard or chemical duty vacuum pump for up to 4 users. Replaces central vacuum line, for vacuum down to 2 mbar with manual regulation for easy vacuum adjustment. ...<< more>>

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It supplies in particular the special aspects of vacuum technology, applied vacuum pump types and vacuum engineering in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industry application-segments. The text includes chapters dedicated to latest European regulations for operating in hazardous zones with vacuum systems, methods for process pressure...