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Pumping High Temperature Liquids - Pump School

temperature range. For this reason, Nitralloy pins are used for high temperature applications beyond 450°F (230°C). Dimensional change due to thermal expansion plays an enhanced role on two fronts. 1) Clearances in the pump are critical to pump operation and maximum efficiency. Heat causes the metal parts to expand, decreasing the internal clearances. ...<< more>>

GPI 142100-01 Gerotor Oil Transfer Pump, 16 Quarts Per

GPI 142100-01, 16 Quarts Per Minute gerotor oil transfer pump rated at 115/230V AC voltage has 1" inlet and 3/4" outlet connection use with oil (up to 90W), hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze and non-flammable oil-based solvents. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pumps - Chempump

High Temperature Pumps. Teikoku USA Inc. offers a wide range of products for pumping liquids at high temperatures (usually above 400oF). Most applications involve hot oil or hot water as the process fluid used as a heat transfer medium. ...<< more>>

Hot Oil Pump | High Temperature Pump | Magnet Drive Hot

Magnatex hot oil mag-drive pumps are operating in thousands of applications worldwide, meeting tough pumping challenges for hot oil pumping applications, from recovery solvents to heat transfer fluids, toxic, acids, bases, noxious and high purity fluids. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pumps - Pump & Machinery Co Ltd

Rotary Vane Pumps. Blackmer is the world’s leading manufacturer of Rotary Vane pumps. The sliding vane design compensates for normal wear in the pumping chamber, ensuring "like new" performance throughout the life of the pump. ...<< more>>

Utility & Specialty Pumps

Handling fluid temperatures of up to 200 degrees F., Liberty's HT40-series submersible pump is designed for hot water applications such as boiler blow-down pits, condensate pits and high temperature water transfer. ...<< more>>

Submersible Pumps for High Temperature Liquids | TSURUMI

Tsurumi manufactures submersible pumps to handle liquids up to 90°C. Many are already in service at sites that need to discharge high temperature liquids, including industrial wastewater from power plants and steel mills, and hot spring discharge from mines in volcanic zones. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Submersible Pumps - GlobalSpec

Description: Handling fluid temperatures of up to 200 degrees F., Liberty's HT40-series submersible pump is designed for hot water applications such as boiler blow-down pits, condensate pits and high temperature water transfer. Other features include all cast iron housings, ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pumps - Cat Pumps

Cat Pumps high temperature pumps can handle liquids up to 200°F/93.3°C and perform in intermittent run-dry conditions. Flow range of 0.5 to 20 gpm/1.9 to 75.7 lpm and a pressure range of 100 to 3500 psi/6.9 to 241.5 bar. ...<< more>>

Exa-Pump - TurboWerx

Exa-Pump? Ultra High-Performance Electric Scavenge Pump. An Industry First. The TurboWerx Exa-Pump? is the ultimate achievement in high-temperature, high-reliability pump technology. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Inline Pumps - Dean Pump? DL Series

The DL Series vertical inline, close-coupled, pumps are excellent for high temperature chemical process applications. Seven sizes are available in ductile iron and 316SS construction. ...<< more>>

High temperature(100'C) 6.8L/Min (108GPH) mini DC12V Water

This is a high temperature (up to 100'C) food grade mini, non-submersible water pump. The pump is driven by a brushless motor providing smooth and quiet operation than a non-brushless water pump. ...<< more>>

High Temp Sump Pump - Goulds Water Technology

Designed for extended life under extreme operating conditions, the High Temp Sump Pump is able to handle the hottest of jobs with the greatest of ease. The ability to work in extreme conditions is enhanced by the single-phase 1/3 HP pump motor. ...<< more>>

All Product Types (Page 1 of 2) - Rexnord

All Product Types (Page 1 of 2) Rexnord Industries, LLC, 3001 W. Canal St., Milwaukee, HIGH TEMP. ALARM OR MAIN MOTOR CUTOUT (CUSTOMER OPTION) HIGH CIRCUIT SET @ 140°F (60°C) operating gear drive oil sump temperature is 200°F (93°C) and a maximum gear drive shutdown temperature of 210°F (99°C) ...<< more>>

High Temperature Circulators Forte HT | JULABO USA Inc.

for working temperature range +40 °C to +400 °C. JULABO High Temperature Circulators can be used for temperature applications up to +400 °C. The units provide powerful heating capacities for shortest heat-up times and rapid compensation of exothermic and endothermic reactions. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pumps | AxFlow

Or centrifugal pump portfolio contains many ranges suitable for use as high temperature pumps. This includes magnetic drive pumps , iso pumps , ETFE lined pumps , canned pumps we can pump liquids with temperatures up to 450 o C. ...<< more>>

PT6A Engine Powerplant -

King Air 200 Developed for Training Purposes 4J-9 October 1998 Powerplant The accessory gearbox powers the oil pump as it draws oil from the tank and provides it under pressure to the oil filter. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Diaphragm Pumps | Products & Suppliers

Description: Whether your application requires high pressure or high temperature, the FW-H universal temperature pump will meet your needs! High purity and exceptional performance are central to the design mission of these pumps - in fact, the pumps are ...<< more>>

Solving Hydraulic System Overheating Problems

T oC = inlet oil temperature minus outlet oil temperature in Celsius For example, if the measured temperature drop across the exchanger is 4oC and the design oil flow-rate is 90 L/min, the exchanger is dissipating 10 kW of heat. ...<< more>>

HTO? 120 | MP Pumps

HTO? 120 2" x 1-1/2" End Suction Centrifugal Hot Oil Pump. HTO120 is a patented, unique centrifugal pump designed for high temperature applications, such as the plastics, chemical, food and processing industries. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Flowmeters - ThomasNet

Manufacturer of high temperature steam flow rate meters for the food, beverage, and gas industries. Specifications include 150 psig maximum rated pressure, 32 to 180 degree F ambient temperature, 90 percent maximum absolute pressure ratio, and +/-5 F.S. accuracy....