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World’s first solar powered irrigation pump with a five

In a sector that is rife with small and unreliable irrigation pumps, both petrol and solar, there is now a pump that is robust and reliable. Its manufacturers, Futurepump Ltd, have availed the pump with a five-year warranty. ...<< more>>

Solar Water Pumps and Pumping / Irrigation - Energy Matters

These solar water pumps are widely used on farms and outback stations in Australia to supply bore and surface sourced water to livestock. In developing countries they are used extensively to pump water from wells and rivers to villages for domestic consumption and irrigation of crops. ...<< more>>

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems | Electronics For You

Solar-powered water pumping systems can find application in town water supply, livestock watering and irrigation. Solar-powered irrigation system is an application of solar-powered water pumping system used in paddy fields, gardens for watering the plants, vegetables, etc. ...<< more>>

Solar Irrigation Solutions | GEM Energy's Solar Pump Drive

The Benefits of Solar Irrigation. In this environment of rising grid electricity costs, the decreasing cost of solar PV and battery storage are becoming increasingly applicable for rural electricity consumers. ...<< more>>

Solar Water Pump | Drip Irrigation - Dankoff Solar Pumps

Drip Irrigation, above ground emitters, and open flood watering methods all can be achieved using solar water pumping. Small-scale and commercial-scale solutions are ready to deploy for you irrigation needs. ...<< more>>

Solar-Powered Irrigation System Design Review 5

pump which in turn specifies the power requirements for the solar panel. Several concepts were generated and helped to develop a functional decomposition which was created to specify the goals of the irrigation system and outline the engineering specifications. ...<< more>>

Solar panel powered portable water pump -

Solar panel powered water pump version: 1.0 Nagy Balázs Gábor, 2013 page 3 Irrigation system Knowing that the capacity of the solar pump I designed is commensurable with that of the most popular Honda ...<< more>>

Solar Irrigation Pumps | Rural Pumps

Solar Irrigation Pumps With ever spreading drought conditions coupled with rising fuel costs, solar pumping solutions are an increasingly attractive option for rural properties. Prices for solar panels have fallen dramatically but PV modules still come with a 25-year warranty, and maybe more importantly, with a 30 to 50 year design life. ...<< more>>

Portable solar powered water purification, Solar power

Providence provides portable solar powered water purification systems, solar powered irrigation pumps, alternative energy power systems, and more. Our partners have developed "off the grid" solutions that can produce clean water and clean energy virtually anywhere in the world. ...<< more>>

A bright future for solar-powered irrigation? :: IWMI

In India, for example, capital subsidies on small solar pumps for individual farmers are a key barrier to the spread of the robust model being piloted in Bihar, which relies on larger pumps to provide cost-effective irrigation services. ...<< more>>

Solar Irrigation Pumps: A New Way of Agriculture in

The solar pump near Habibur's land now covers around 12 hectares of land and provides 500,000 liters of water daily. Photo Credit: World Bank In October 2015, solar-powered irrigation reached Habibur’s locality. ...<< more>>

Quality Solar Pumps - Commodore Australia

Our solar pumps are highly efficient and are the most economical and reliable solution for all off-grid irrigation and water supply demands. Solar pumps are specially designed to be powered by solar panels alone, with no need for batteries, generators, mains power, petrol or diesel… ...<< more>>

Solar Powered Pumps Reduce Irrigation Costs | Powering

A solar pump encourages smart farming practices and makes the most use of the water available in a sustainable way. The FAO states that improved water management through sustainable irrigation and small, low-lift pumps holds the key to producing enough food to alleviate food shortages. ...<< more>>

Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System - ECE Projects

Automatic Solar Submersible Pump Control for Irrigation. These systems work in the sunlight. When sun shines the water pumping process is a sensible way of solar electric power utilization throughout the summer, as the water necessity is the highest. These pumps provide a reliable water source for plantation. ...<< more>>

Surface Solar Pumps | altE

Surface Solar Pumps Installed at ground level to lift water from shallow water sources such as shallow wells, ponds, streams or storage tanks. Surface pumps can also be used to provide pressurized water for irrigation or home water systems. ...<< more>>

The SF2 Solar Irrigation Pump - Futurepump Solar Irrigation

We sell robust and portable solar irrigation pumps to smallholder farmers across the world. Find out more about buying or distributing the SF2 solar pump. ...<< more>>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Solar water pumps

A solar water pump is used for extracting water from ponds, rivers, borewells or other sources of water which are then used to meet the water requirements for irrigation, community water supply, livestock and other purposes. ...<< more>>

Solar-Powered Pivot - Successful Farming

Solar-Powered Pivot. By. Tharran Gaines. In an average year, it’s enough electricity to power the pump and propel the pivot four times around the field,” Ivener says, adding that the meter in the field reads electricity going each direction. This could make the use of solar power for irrigation appealing to more farmers in the future. ...<< more>>

Solar-powered irrigation: Adding value through a business

Portable solar-powered pump for irrigation at Jawe community (kebele) in Lemo district (woreda) of Ethiopia’s Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region. ...<< more>>

ennos – portable solar water pump

The sunlight pump is a highly efficient, portable solar pump for smallholder irrigation and domestic water supply in developing countries. It is a CO 2 -free, economic technology that combines income, productivity and labor-saving benefits and promotes a more sustainable use of the resources energy and water. ...<< more>>

ChiMuts Solar Zimbabwe

The solar pump pumps water to a nearby 5000L tank, raised about 4m above the ground. Water then flows by gravity from the tank into the drip irrigation system. Because of ChiMuts Solar’s radically affordable, life changing solar solutions, this system has made a very big difference in his life and that of his family....