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Gear Pumps | China Kemai Pumps

Gear pump is to rely on the change and moving of the working volume of the pump cylinder and the ring gear formed between rotary pumps for conveying liquid or so pressurized.From two closed space by two gears,pump,front and rear cover,when the gear is rotated,the gear is disengaged from the side of the space volume grew larger,forming a vacuum ...<< more>>

Instruction Manual for Gear Pump

Instruction Manual for Gear Pump A gear pump is a kind of rotary pump and is defined as a positive displacement pump. Gear Simple structure and handling. 2 ...<< more>>

Small/micro Stainless Steel Hydraulic Gear Oil Pump - Buy

Introduction: CB-B Small/Micro Stainless Steel Hydraulic gear oil pump with a small size, light weight, simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance can be widely used as source of hydraulic pressure energy and the lubrication oil in the machine tool hydraulic pressure system, the textile machinery and other middle and small machineries. ...<< more>>

CB-B 16 Low Pressure Lubricating Gear Oil Pump 16 L/Min

China Huanggong Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. Specialist in pump industry for over 35 years. Brief introduction CB-B Series gear oil pump is a kind of low pressure gear pump of 3-PCS sctures without sideboard. ...<< more>>

China Bb/Bbg Internal Cycloidal Gear Oil Transfer Pump

Due to the simple structure of the pump, low noise, oil steady, self-priming performance characteristics of a good high-speed, low pressure in the hydraulic system is widely used as a power pump or lubrication pump cooling pump, the pump for conveying various oils. ...<< more>>

Hydraulic Gear Oil Pump (CBQ-F200)(id:7243832) Product

Hydraulic Pump(Gear Pump, Pump)is the dynamic component of the hydraulic system. It features high precision gear, high strength aluminium-alloy shell, float bushings, and DU bearing. It has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, high efficiency, low noise, and high reliability, etc. ...<< more>>

Training Basic Hydraulics - phtruck

Training Basic Hydraulics. Table of Contents. Hydraulic Symbols 7. Dump Pumps 8. Gear Pumps 9. pumps are more attractive Least Most. Expensive. Gear. ...<< more>>

Gear Oil Pump, High Pressure Gear Pump, Lubricating -

Gear Oil Pump, High Pressure Gear Pump, Lubricating Oil Pump is simple and compact structure, easy operation. 2. Pump is used for lubication, diesel or other oil equivalent liquid without solids and fiber with normal temperature below 80°C. ...<< more>>

Low pressure gear pump - Lubrication Distributors suppliers

The series of low pressure gear pump of simple structure, reliable work. Not only has the high mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency, and also offers low noise and low weight-power ratio. CB-B series gear pump is widely used in machine tools, plastics machinery and mining machinery. ...<< more>>

Transport pump - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

Find your transport pump easily amongst the 163 products from the leading brands (Witte Pumpen, KSB, SKF, ) on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases....