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EVD-VE115SV - Eurovacuum

The EVD-VE series are professional pumps for economic prices. These Single & Double stage Oil lubricated Rotary Vane pumps reach a very good ultimate vacuum and are easy to work with. They are available in an SV-version that has a electric shut-off valve for the vacuum safety of the system. ...<< more>>

SOGEVAC - Ideal Vacuum Products, New & Rebuilt Vacuum

SOGEVAC Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps single-stage, oil-sealed, 10 - 1200 m3 x h-1 (5.9 - 707 cfm) Central Vacuum Supply Systems SOGEVAC SV .. B Compact Design The pumps have been so designed that efficiency of the pumps will be high. ...<< more>>

Cylindrical Venturi Vacuum Pumps | J-Series | Vaccon

The J-Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps utilize a fixed venturi design, manufactured for inline use employing a cylindrical body for ease of installation and mounting near the point of use for rapid response. ...<< more>>

SV rotary vacuum pump - image.indotrading

SV series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of reliable, durable, economic and applicable range of vacuum equipment. In the circular pump body, it has an air suction valve and exhaust valve (stator). ...<< more>>

Buy Dry Rotary Vane Pumps Online | Airtech Vacuum

The compact and lightweight design of the ORION series dry rotary vane vacuum/pressure pump adds to ease of operations. ORION rotary vane pumps are an ideal alternative to standard oil sealed rotary vane pumps. The ORION pumps can quickly be added to your system with its built in particulate filters and silencers for quiet operation and. ...<< more>>

Solberg ST-850/1-200C ST-Series See-Through Compact 2

Solberg ST Series, See-Through 1"-4" Inlet Vacuum Pump Filter - "T" Style Inlet Vacuum Filters, Up to 520 SCFM (884 m3/hr) - Polyester Element: 99%+ removal efficiency standard to 5 micron ...<< more>>

Air/Oil Separators - Jamieson Equipment Co., Inc.

Air/Oil Separators fail in a vacuum pump applica on.The ?rst considera ison to determine the type of Vacuum Pump being used. The par sizecle distribu andon mass of oil aerosol discharging from a vacuum pump is as varied as Compact Closed Oil Mist Filters EE/SV Series 3/8” - 1”MPT, ISO Flg ? Captures oil fog, mist or smoke from ...<< more>>

Solberg Filtration | Filters, Silencers, Vacuum Filters

Liquid Removal Vacuum Pump Filters Solberg offers a variety of solutions to remove potentially harmful liquid, sludge, and particulate from the inlet of a vacuum pump. The LRS and SRS Series is an integrated liquid separator and inlet vacuum filter. ...<< more>>

Leybold Coarse Vacuum (Sogevac ? SV Series—Large)

Sogevac SV Series: These compact and extremely easy-to-operate rotary coarse vane pumps are designed for continuous operation over the working pressure range from atmosphere to less than 1 Torr (29.9 in. Hg). ...<< more>>

LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPS - Tuthill Vacuum & Blower

A Series vacuum pumps consist of a shrouded motor rotating freely within an eccentric casing. Centrifugal force acting on liquid within the pump causes the liquid to form a ring inside the casing. A fixed port cylinder concentric with the rotor directs the gas into the suction ports. ...<< more>>

See Page - bimba

The J-Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps utilize a fixed cartridge venturi design. J-Series pumps employ a cylindrical design for ease of installation and mounting into in-line pneumatic plumbing. ...<< more>>

Solberg Filtration | Filter Families | Inlet Vacuum Pump

The VS and VL Series offers heavy duty vacuum filters in a compact design. It is available in both a "L" and a straight through configuration. For extreme duty environments, an extended housing design is available for additional holding capacity. ...<< more>>

Vac-Tron HTV / JTV PTO Series Vacuum Truck & Jetter Truck

No other truck vac like it in the industry! The HTV PTO series* is Vac-Tron’s premiere line of vacuum excavation trucks. These vac trucks give you the performance needed to take on the tough jobs in a compact package. ...<< more>>

Side-channel blower - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

Flow rate: 330 m3/h - 850 m3/h Operating pressure: 0 mbar - 1,100 mbar Nominal power: 2.2 kW - 6.3 kW. The G-BH 8 model manufactured by Elmo Rietschle, is a vacuum pump with a volume flow of 330 to 850 m3/hr. ...<< more>>

Long Running – Long Life – Compact Oil-free Compressors

and Vacuum Pumps Series KK/KV8 und KK/KV15. Small Compact Design Oil-Free Air Oil-free compressors from DüRR TECHNIK are extremely reliable and pollution free. The use of oil-free compressed air ensures that the nozzles and valves function perfectly and that oil-vapour does not contaminate air. The compact design, ...<< more>>

SV9 SERIES - circorpowerprocess

? Full Flow Design ? Low Profile & Compact Design Applications ? High Vacuum Tanks ? High Vacuum Dewars SV9 SERIES How To Order RELIEVING WITH RETAINED PLUG CONSTRUCTION 1 - 6061 Aluminum *VACUUM PUMP CONNECTION T - OD Tube F - ISO Flange ...<< more>>

Pro-Set? 4 CFM Compact Vacuum Pump - CPS Products

The VPC4SU Premium Compact series of Pro-Set? vacuum pumps incorporate the perfect balance of professional grade performance features in an extremely portable, lightweight package. ...<< more>>

SOGEVAC - MHz Electronics

pumps in pump combinations with Roots pumps or high vacuum pumps. By design, rotary vane pumps run quietly and do not produce much LEYBOLD rotary vane pumps from the SOGEVAC series excel through numerous special features: Compact Design The pumps have been so designed that efficiency ...<< more>>

LED Device | ULVAC | Products

LED Device. LED devices provide high intensity light and low power consumption, and are widely used in the fields of next-generation displays and lighting systems. Compact design integrated with control unit. Batch-type Sputtering Systems SV Series. Vertical batch-type sputter systems. Series models include the SV-200 disk stamper model ...<< more>>

Seco SV 1004-1140 - capovani

SV 1004-1140 Dry Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Description Seco SV rotary vane vacuum Their compact design is ideal for installation inside machinery. Economical friendly because no lubrication fluids are required for compression. Low in maintenance Robust design, lifetime lubricated bearings, special carbon vanes, and the air-cooled motor ...<< more>>

CTS Micro Diaphragm Pump - Parker Hannifin

? CTS Series Pumps have a unique, compact, and lightweight design making it ideal for portable applications. ? Our 100% oil and grease-free pump and compressor design maintains the purity of your system and are commonly used in FDA-approved systems....