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Electronic Expansion Valves: The Basics - ACHR News

The electronic expansion valve (EEV) operates with a much more sophisticated design. EEVs control the flow of refrigerant entering a direct expansion evaporator. They do this in response to signals sent to them by an electronic controller. ...<< more>>

Expansion Valves for Air Conditioning | Emerson

The EC3-X33 is a stand-alone universal superheat controller for stable superheat control with stepper motor driven electronic control valves and is used for air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial applications such as chillers, industrial process cooling rooftops, heat pumps, package units, close controls, cold room, food process and air driers. ...<< more>>

Expansion Valves - Air Conditioning

Expansion Valves. Expansion valves are devices used to control the refrigerant flow in a refrigeration system. They help to facilitate the change of higher pressure of liquid refrigerant in the condensing unit to lower pressure gas refrigerant in the evaporator. ...<< more>>

Superheat controller | Electronic expansion valve controller

ETS is a series of electric expansion valves for precise liquid injection in evaporators for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The valve piston and linear positioning design is fully balanced, providing bi-flow feature as well as solenoid tight shut-off function in both flow directions. ...<< more>>

Air Conditioning - Expansion Valve - swtc

Expansion Valve The expansion valve removes pressure from the liquid refrigerant to allow expansion or change of state from a liquid to a vapor in the evaporator. The high-pressure liquid refrigerant entering the expansion valve is quite warm. ...<< more>>

Electronic Expansion Valve(EEV) over traditional Thermostatic

All refrigeration units, whether developed for the air-conditioning or refrigeration market, commonly use a traditional thermostatic expansion valve as the expansion device: this is the standard ...<< more>>

Electronic Expansion Valve - Sanhua Europe

Electronic Expansion Valve series DPF-T/S. ref. Electronic Expansion Valve series DPF-T/S. T/S series electronic expansion valves are designed for usage in air conditioning and refrigeration systems or in heat pumps. ...<< more>>

Expansion Valve - Carrier | AmericanHVACParts

Accumulators Actuators Air Filtration Expansion Valves; Expansion Valve - Carrier; Commercial Air Conditioning Expansion Motor Valve Rebuilt Kit (Carrier) ...<< more>>

Technical Help Guide - HVAC Distributors

2009 Technical Help Guide Thermal Expansion Valves Electronic Valves & Controls Solenoid Valves System Protectors Regulators Oil Controls Temperature Pressure Controls ...<< more>>

Electric Expansion Valve Control - ACHR News

What if the electronic controller (Figure 3) controls the condenser fans to ensure that the expansion valve is fed with the solid liquid it needs, while at the same time, allowing head pressure to float to the lowest possible level....