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2 Stage or 1 Stage Pump Design - HyVac

Single stage pumps will take longer to get to 15 micron than a 2 stage pump will because the 2 stage pump has the high vacuum stage which boosts performance on the pump down curve under 150 micron. Some users, like in the neon production market need the 2 stage pumps. ...<< more>>

Single stage oil-sealed rotary vane pumps - Atlas Copco

Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps; Single stage oil-sealed rotary vane pumps; The inlet non-return valve protects the vacuum pump against counter rotation in the event of stopping without venting. This device also protects the point of use against back sucking of oil. ...<< more>>

US Vacuum Pumps

Air-cooled, compact and reliable, rotary vane vacuum pumps are the. most popular vacuum pump type used in industry today. Offered in single and dual stage designs to provide you with the exact level of vacuum performance you require. ...<< more>>

Joyam Engineers - Single Stage Vacuum Pumps And Two Stage

We are a leading company in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting of an entire range of Vacuum Pumps. The different kinds of products being offered include Vacuum Pumps, Process Pumps and Oil Flooded Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. ...<< more>>

Agilent EU 105 Ex ATEX Oil Lubricated Single Stage Rotary

The vacuum pumps PVL/EU series are single-stage oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps with oil recirculation system. They are used for the suction of air also in presence of water vapor and for continuous industrial use. ...<< more>>


IVC Full-Recovery Liquid Ring Vacuum pump systems offer total re-circulation of the service liquid. Systems are available in capacities from 50-1200 M 3 /hr. of Vacuum pumps and can be offered in a wide variety of materials for tough applications. These system available with either Single-Stage or Two-Stage liquid ring pumps. ...<< more>>

Liquid Ring - Single-Stage A Series - Tuthill Vacuum & Blower

A Series pumps are not as susceptible to cavitation compared to flat plate design because the flow path through the pump is an axial flow. This allows the velocity through the pump to be unchanged and carries the air out effortlessly. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps for Oil & Gas - Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

A rotary-vane, or a liquid ring vacuum pump or compressor is used as the first stage. Any of these then deliver the gas to the second stage high-pressure compressor. The high-pressure compressor, usually a rotary-screw or reciprocating compressor, delivers the gas to a gas processing plant via a pipeline. ...<< more>>

FAQ Pumps - JB Industries, Inc.

Most two stage vacuum pumps will go low enough in vacuum and reduce the atmospheric pressure within the system, thus allowing boiling of the moisture at a lower temperature. Once the moisture is in a vapor form, it is readily removed by the pump. ...<< more>>

3 CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump - Harbor Freight Tools

Designed for servicing automotive air conditioning, this two-stage vacuum pump pulls vacuum down to 22.5 microns. Precision machined two-stage pump removes moisture from air conditioning systems to safely add refrigerant. ...<< more>>

RH0020 single stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump

The rotary vane vacuum pump is an oil-lubricated&sealed rotary pump. The eccentrically installed rotor and vanes cut the vacuum chamber into two separate compartments with different volumes. As soon as the rotor turns, air gets into the first compartment until sealed by the second vane. ...<< more>>

LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPS - Tuthill Vacuum & Blower

Vacuum Pumps and Systems A Series vacuum pumps consist of a shrouded motor rotating freely within an eccentric casing. Centrifugal force acting on liquid within the pump causes the liquid to form a ring inside the casing. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pump - Single Stage | Two Stage | Oil Seal

Fine tech Engineering manufactures various vacuum related products and now it is the only company manufacturing an entire range of Vacuum Products like single stage vacuum pump, two stage vacuum pump, watering vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump and oil seal vacuum pump. ...<< more>>

CPS Single and Double Stage Vacuum Pumps - Cole-Parmer

The PRO-SET? range of dual voltage vacuum pumps include both single and two stage pump configurations ranging in size from 2 to 12 CFM. All units incorporate heavy-duty dual voltage motors that can operate on either 115 VAC or 230 VAC (50 or 60 Hz) power at the flick of a switch. ...<< more>>

VRD Dual Stage Vacuum Pumps - VALUE MECHANICAL

Plasma sterilizers, vacuum freeze drying, vacuum mixing etc. Considering there is a large amount of H 2 0 2 gas and water vapor which will be exhausted into vacuum pump, value designed weak corrosion-resistant vacuum pump VRD-M series. ...<< more>>

Vacuum pump - Wikipedia

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum.The first vacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Otto von Guericke, and was preceded by the suction pump, which dates to antiquity. ...<< more>>

DuraVane Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps - wintek-corp

These single stage, air-cooled, oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps are well designed, reliable and cost competitive. Two versions are available- Standard and Wet Service. Standard Version are designed for relatively clean, general industrial service. ...<< more>>

Airtech Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

L-Series Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. Airtech's L-Series rotary vane oil-flooded vacuum pump is a real workhorse. Reliability and durability are ensured by its simple design. ...<< more>>

Chapter 6 Vacuum Pumps - RIT - People

Chapter 6 Vacuum Pumps April 2008. 2. seals and by gas dissolved in the oil. For a single-stage pump this is at about 50 mTorr, while a two-stage pump has a base pressure corrode the pump. For some vacuum appli-cations there is a large vapor load such as freeze drying (water vapor), Chemical Va- ...<< more>>

Single stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps unveiled

Edwards is introducing its new ES range. Edwards’ new range of single stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps is being publicised as a flexible vacuum solution providing highly stable vacuum performance. ...<< more>>

Robinair 15115 VacuMaster Single Stage Pump, 1.5 CFM - at

The Robinair 15115 VacuMaster vacuum pump with 1.5 CFM free air displacement has been engineered specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration service, and is built for fast, thorough evacuation....