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ADVANCE 3000 AM-18 ADVANCE 3000 VORTEX - Jacto Inc.

Operator’s Manual English version - MI_USA-0350 EDITION - 07/2011 CODE - 907220 ADVANCE 3000 AM-18 ADVANCE 3000 VORTEX WARNING Read Operator's Manual before setting up, operating, or maintaining ...<< more>>

Pumps at The Home Depot

A submersible pump can be used in water because the motor is sealed from water damage and allows fluid to be pumped through it. You can also extract water from underground locations with a shallow well pump , which provides fresh water to rural homes, cabins and farms. ...<< more>>


VORTEX Pumps Conventional CLEAN WATER Submersible Pumps The Vortex pump impeller blades do not shovel the water. The impeller sets the water in a circular ...<< more>>

How to Remove Sediment From Well & Spring - Clean Water Store

Your well pump can pump water up to a certain maximum flow rate, in gallons per minute. For example say you could fill a 5 gallon bucket in 1 minute. This is a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute or 5 GPM. ...<< more>>

Extracting water from rivers, dams and lakes using Pedrollo

PEDROLLO TOP VORTEX is a plastic housed centrifugal, open impeller type centrifugal pump.It can handle a relative amount of solids in suspension. Typical of water from a dam, or lake. ...<< more>>

General Purpose Vortex Sump Pumps - Davey Water Products

Forgiving pumps with high flow and low heads. Able to pump clean or grey water of neutral pH containing up to 20% soft solids or 1% fine solids. Some wear should be expected when pumping hard solids in suspension. ...<< more>>

How vortexing and minimum submergence affect pump performance

Vortexing occurs when water being drawn into a suction line (or into the suction fitting in a submersible pump) results in a depression in the surface of the water, often forming a visible whirling vortex -- just like what one would ordinarily see in a draining sink or bathtub. ...<< more>>

1/2 HP Non-Clogging Vortex, Reinforced Thermoplastic

The Wayne 1/2 HP submersible water pump can handle up to 1/2 in. solids without getting clogged. It can pump up to 2500 Gal. per hour and is designed with bottom suction that removes water down to 1/8 in. of the surface. Thermoplastic housing, volute, and impeller are corrosion resistant. Designed ...<< more>>

12 Volt Water Pumps | Northern Tool + Equipment

Reliable 12 Volt Water Pumps. 12 volt water pumps transfer water fast with GPM up to 2,580. These 12 volt water pumps are perfect for boats, RVs, and more due to their energy efficiency and ability to fit in tight spaces....