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EVAPORATORS | Vacuum evaporation | ENVIDEST MVR FF 30 - 2500

ENVIDEST MVR FF (30-2500) is the latest vacuum evaporator, by steam mechanical compression, of falling film and forced circulation, for flow rates between 30-2500 liters/hour. The application of forced circulation allows to optimize heat exchange and as a result a lower energy consumption. ...<< more>>

HT Series Chemical Channel Pump - xajpump

Besides, high-quality mechanical seal is used for it. The product is a type of preferred conveying equipment for easily crystallizable and multiple solids in calcined soda, chloralkali, salt making, smelting, paper making, environmental and other industries. ...<< more>>

Experimental investigation of Heat and mass transfer in a

The vacuum and sampling system consist of vacuum tubes, vacuum pump, solution sampling bottle and vacuum valve. Due to the strong corrosiveness of LiBr-H 2 O solution to metal, it is important to ensure the experimental setup at vacuum condition. ...<< more>>

2BV Series Water-ring Vacuum Pump - xajpump

2BV water-ring vacuum pumps are new economic products developed jointly by our company and other scientific research institution and, with its excellent performances and numerous merits, could replace equivalent SK and 2SK water-ring vacuum pumps as well as W, WY and WL reciprocating vacuum pumps. ...<< more>>

Performance study of a falling-film absorber with a film

This paper describes the development of a novel film-inverting design concept for falling-film absorbers. The solid surface of the absorber is segmented so that both surfaces of the falling-film are alternatively cooled in a periodic manner. ...<< more>>

Absorption of Water Vapour Into Falling Films | Flow

Absorption of Water Vapour Into Falling Films - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. that it can be de-aerated by the vacuum pump.. Kim ...<< more>>

ABS-SVD01A-E4-1199 | Vacuum Tube | Pump

Maintenance manualAbsorption chillers November 99 ABS-SVD01A-EN Dear customer. As a commitment to our customers. we have ...<< more>>

Heat and mass transfer characteristics of a horizontal tube

A vacuum pump was used to keep the vacuum of 0.933 kPa inside the absorber. The LiBr solution in the generator was heated by an electric heater and a circulation solution pump was installed to circulate the solution inside the absorber and the generator. ...<< more>>

CN2555903Y - Negative pressure ammonium sulfate concentration

The utility model relates to a negative pressure ammonium sulfate concentration crystallizing tank comprising a tank body with an inlet and a drain hole. The utility model is characterized in that the tank body is provided with an inlet spray pipe for hot ammonia sulfate solution, a circulation outlet, an ultrasonic wave liquid level sensor, a fender, an inner guide shell and an outer guide shell. ...<< more>>

China Water Ring Vacuum Pump manufacturer, Glass-Lined

Zibo Zhuoxin Pump Industry Co., Ltd., including Zibo Zhuoxin Industrial Enamel plant, is a well-known manufacturer of vacuum pumps and enamel reactors in China. It consists of 38 professional technical staff as well as modern equipment and complete quality testing system....