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High Temperature Pumps | AxFlow

High Temperature Pumps Nearly every catagory of pump offered by AxFlow have high temperature models. Because of our wide product range and expertise in the field of fluid transfer, we are able to offer high temperature pumps able to cope with the most corrosive of liquids and those with low viscosities. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pumps - Chempump

High Temperature Pumps. Teikoku USA Inc. offers a wide range of products for pumping liquids at high temperatures (usually above 400oF). Most applications involve hot oil or hot water as the process fluid used as a heat transfer medium. ...<< more>>

Pumping High Temperature Liquids - Pump School

cover all Rotary PD Pumps, much of the following will describe Internal Gear Pumps specifically as these pumps have one of the highest temperature limits, handling liquids through 750°F (400°C). ...<< more>>

Pumping High Temperature Liquids - Pump School

High bearing loads, the relatively high speed of the idler (the idler turns faster than the rotor by the ratio of the number of teeth), and the almost complete lack of lubricating value of many liquids at high temperature all stress the need for a wear-resistant material for the pin. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pump | eBay

This is a high quality made low noise,High Temperature mini DC water pump. It can pump water at as high as 100'C continuously for 24/7 and it's Food Grade! ...<< more>>

Process & High Temperature Metallic Pumps - Dean Pump?

A complete line of horizontal and vertical air cooled hot oil and hot water pumps for high temperature heat transfer applications. Dean Pump? Heavy Duty High Temperature Pumps Heavy duty horizontal and magnetic drive pumps for high temperature heat transfer applications. ...<< more>>

high temperature pump | eBay

24V Micro Gear Pump High Temperature Corrosion Resistant DC Self-priming Pump Spartan High-Temperature Electric Oil Scavenge Pump 12V. Water Pump High ...<< more>>

Zenith Pumps H-Series Gear Pumps

The H-Series pumps are ideal for metering in such applications as: Zenith ? Pumps today–diaphragm, lobe, coarse gear, pis- ton, plunger, and screw pumps. Each had problems with pulsation, flow inaccu- ...<< more>>

Solving Hydraulic System Overheating Problems - Lubrication

Hydraulic fluid temperatures above 180°F (82°C) damage most seal compounds and accelerate degradation of the oil. While the operation of any hydraulic system at temperatures above 180°F should be avoided, fluid temperature is too high when viscosity falls below the optimum value for the hydraulic system’s components. ...<< more>>

High temperature(100'C) 6.8L/Min (108GPH) mini DC12V Water

This is a high temperature (up to 100'C) food grade mini, non-submersible water pump. The pump is driven by a brushless motor providing smooth and quiet operation than a non-brushless water pump....