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Analytical instruments - VELP Scientifica | Products

Recirculating Water Vacuum Pump > JPV Recirculating Water Vacuum Pump VELP Scientifica has developed a recirculating water vacuum pump, JPV model, which assures a constant water recirculation (previously introduced in the tank of the pump). ...<< more>>

Vacuum pumps, General lab testing equipment, Controls

Vacuum pumps are used for a number of applications concerning, above all, De-Airing systems of water. Water vapour sucked by the vacuum pump and mixed with the oil, producing emulsion, may cause serious damage to the pump when in notable concentration. ...<< more>>

USA Lab Equipment 115V 60L / Min Circulating Water Aspirator

Our all new SHB-IIA Water Vacuum Pump uses water to pull a vacuum.It requires no oil what so ever to operate, allowing for a low maintenance, easy to use vacuum pump.Each vacuum port pulls vacuum separately allowing for either two separate applications or connect them together for double the vacuum. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps to Replace Your Water Aspirator | Lab Manager

A recirculating water aspirator can help mitigate wastage. in key lab applications; for example, a vacuum pump reduces bumping during evaporation. of a vacuum ...<< more>>

How to Troubleshoot Circulating Water Vacuum Pump? - Lab

The circulating water vacuum pump is not only a kind of vacuum pumping device, but also able to provide circulating cooling water to reaction equipment. SHZ-95B circulating water vacuum pump is applicable to research experiments, small test and small scale production who contains evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation ...<< more>>

Pumps | The Lab Depot

The Lab Depot offers quality Vacuum Pumps for laboratory, industrial, and educational applications. May be used for filtration, degassing, distillation, free air displacement and any other requirements where vacuum or positive pressure needs call for pumps of high quality. ...<< more>>

Recirculating Water Vacuum Pump - perkakaslab

PerkakasLab adalah pusat penjualan alat lab terbesar di Indonesia. Fokus kami adalah menyediakan produk laboratorium yang Berkualitas, Harga kompetitif & Aman. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps | Fisher Scientific

View our Vacuum Pumps products at Fisher Scientific. ...<< more>>

Multi-purpose water circulation vacuum pump - LABFREEZ

Cyclically use water, save the precious water resources. Save more than 35% of electricity than other type of vacuum pump. The fluid muffler purpose made can reduce the gas in water and make the vacuum degree higher and more stable; reduce the friction between gas and fluid, reduce the noise....