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High Temperature Pump | eBay

This is a high quality made low noise,High Temperature mini DC water pump. It can pump water at as high as 100'C continuously for 24/7 and it's Food Grade! Motor is a brushless so that it's more quiet ...<< more>>

High-temperature motor - All industrial manufacturers

high-temperature for electrical apparatuses for power tools for machine tools for rotary tables for household appliances linear actuator for massage equipment for water pumps for suction units for the electronics industry propulsion for medical equipment oil pump for battery-powered systems for measurement instruments for electric powertrains ...<< more>>

High Temp Water Pump | eBay

12V Mini Brushless DC pump High temperature 100C Lift 4m Flow 900LPH Mute land use or diving For water circulation system. Useages: Pump can be widely used inefrigeration system, water circulation sys ...<< more>>

Process & High Temperature Metallic Pumps - Dean Pump?

A complete line of horizontal and vertical air cooled hot oil and hot water pumps for high temperature heat transfer applications. Dean Pump? Heavy Duty High Temperature Pumps Heavy duty horizontal and magnetic drive pumps for high temperature heat transfer applications. ...<< more>>

New industrial heat pump produces heat in the very high

The heat pump is already producing heat at a groundbreaking temperature above 150 °C with a very good performance. In comparison, existing technologies are generally limited to a little over 100 °C. ...<< more>>

High-temperature pump - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

with brushless DC motor Reactor Pump for high temperature and high pressure applications it is ideal for hot water, petrochemical, heat More information ...<< more>>

High temperature(100'C) 6.8L/Min (108GPH) mini DC12V Water

This is a high temperature (up to 100'C) food grade mini, non-submersible water pump. The pump is driven by a brushless motor providing smooth and quiet operation than a non-brushless water pump. ...<< more>>

Hero DC Inverter Series Heat Pump-Air Source Heat Pump

The energy consumption is 30% less than that of standard heat pump units.-PHNIX is a leading heat pump OEM supplier, dedicated on best-quality heat pump products since 2002, which are for Pool Heating, Hot Water and House Heating. ...<< more>>

WP32 Brushless Electric Water Pump - emp-corp

WP32 Brushless Electric Water Pump The WP32 is a high performance, long life, severe duty electric water pump used in cooling systems in extreme environments. It is used in the transit bus market, off road applications, power grid battery cooling, stationary power generation and roof mounted cooling systems....