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Altitude Valve, Automatic Control | Flomatic Corp

Altitude Valve, Automatic Control Altitude Valve The Single Acting Altitude Valve closes at a preset maximum water level to prevent overflow of a ground storage tank or reservoir and opens to refill when the water level in the tank or reservoir lowers. ...<< more>>

Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller Electric

This item Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller Electric Electronic Switch Control Unit Automatic Electronic Switch Control Water Pump Pressure Controller 110 or 220V (works for both) Automatic Electronic Switch Control Water Pump Pressure Controller 110V ...<< more>>

Automatic Butterfly Valves | Products & Suppliers

The pressure was kept constant at 10 Pa by varying the speed of the tur- bomolecular pump and an automatic butterfly valve (V.A.T.) and a quartz microbalance was used for monitoring the deposition rate [20]. ...<< more>>

The effect of valve closure speed on surge pressures

Control valves play a major role in controlling surge (water-hammer) pressures in most pumping and pipeline systems. This can vary from pump control valves which ensure gradual starting and stopping of pumps, to relief valves which relieve surge pressures out of a pipeline; surge anticipating valves do the same thing. ...<< more>>

Cla-Val | Pump Control Valves | Suction Control Valves

The 60 Series Booster Pump Control valves are designed for installation on the discharge of a booster pump to prevent pipeline surges caused by starting or stopping of the pump. The Series 61 Deep Well Pump Control/Pump Suction Control Valves are designed to prevent pipeline surges caused by the starting and stopping of deep well pumps. ...<< more>>


controlling vehicle speed B60K 31/00 Controlling of ignition F02P Automatic controllers for prime movers, in general G05D Glossary of terms injection pump (controlling fuel-injection electrically F02D 41/30; {controlling the feeding of liquid fuel from storage containers to carburettors or fuel- ...<< more>>


PUMP CONTROL VALVE ? BC AUTOMATIC CONTROL VALVES Automatic Hydraulic Control Valves Typical Application: indicator, a limit switch, and an opening/closing speed adjustment device. ? The valve will open simultaneously with the pump and will be in the "fully open" position through normal pump operation, ...<< more>>

Constant Speed Control - Eaton

Constant Speed Control. 2 port on the side of the pump Motor speed higher than the Defective sensor Replace sensor. speed the controller is set on the motor. Automatic speed control is not Either the 021 orifice Inspect orifices in the manual control and clean working. Drum runs at what- manual control is plugged or holes if necessary. ...<< more>>


HYDRAULIC VALVE REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM ? Automatic and manual control for motor START/STOP ? The SAC Block consists of a quick connection for emergency hand pump operation and speed adjustment ? Spring action by means of disc springs For use with Submerged Actuators: ...<< more>>

Throttle - Wikipedia

A throttle is the mechanism by which fluid flow is managed by the constriction or obstruction.. An engine's power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases (by the use of a throttle), but usually decreased. The term throttle has come to refer, informally, to any mechanism by which the power or speed of an engine is regulated, such as a car's accelerator pedal. ...<< more>>

Honda Engines | GXV630 4-Stroke Engine | Features, Specs

Horizontal type, two barrel butterfly valve, internal vent: Horizontal type, two barrel butterfly valve, internal vent including the operation speed of the engine in application, environmental conditions, maintenance and other variables. This user-friendly system is truly automatic, eliminating levers and cables. ...<< more>>

Variable Primary Flow Systems Product - EnviroSep

Variable Primary Flow Systems EnviroSep Model #VPF, Variable Primary Flow, Chilled Water Packaged Pumping System is a UL-Listed, factory manufactured system utilized in conventional building cooling systems which uses Chilled Water as the cooling medium. The Model VPF provides energy savings by automatically controlling the speed of the System ...<< more>>

Bilge pump DC motor speed control | Electronics Forum

I try to control speed of 12V DC, 5A bilge pump through my PC soft and KBIC-120 variable speed drive. There is a range of applied voltage from the drive 3 to 12V DC. ...<< more>>

Automatic Variable Speed Control Systems | Newsholme

The speed of a diesel engine pump unit can also be controlled automatically to provide a constant delivery pressure as the demand for flow varies. Traditionally this has been achieved using an F W Murphy diagnostic control panel, high/low pressure switchgauge and a throttle control actuator ...<< more>>

US2883975A - Automatic speed governor - Google Patents

United States Patent 2,883,975 AUTOMATIC SPEED GOVERNOR 'Lee M. Spetner, Washington, D.C. automatic speed governor system for controlling the speed of an automotive vehicle or the like. a conventional D.C. servo motor 30 of the desired type is utilized to operate a butterfly type valve or governor valve 32 located in the intake manifold ...<< more>>

surge control.pdf | Valve | Pump - Scribd

Air valves play an important role in automatically venting the pump column air and controlling surges in pump columns. However.ajve:' www_pump-zone.. a key to controlling surges in pumping systems is to control the rate of increase and decrease of the Row velocity into the system. ...<< more>>

Balancing and Control Valve Sizing for Direct-Return

Balancing and Control Valve Sizing for Direct-Return, are properly selected, and the sensor controlling the coil valve is always in control of the waterflow through the coil, then the system is the pump speed drive efficiency. 9. Rishel, James B. (Burt). 1997. “Use of balance valves in ...<< more>>

self regulating pressure control valve suppliers and self

A self-regulating pressure control valve, such as, for example, a self-regulated pressure reducing valve, including as the principal components, a pressure control valve, a pressure regulating unit, a driving unit for driving the pressure regulating unit, a control unit for controlling the operation of the driving unit, and a pressure setting ...<< more>>

1 pump station + 8 center pivots - Watertronics

automatic packaged water pump stations, control panels and telemetry systems. control packages and the company’s patented Electronic Butterfly Valve (EBV) pressure control. “Our pump stations and control packages are ideally suited for the When AJ Ochoa, a fourth- a whole new avenue of controlling water on farms. Watertronics has ...<< more>>

| Consulting-Specifying Engineer

Where variable speed pressure limiting control is employed, in addition to the three conditions at the rated pump operating speed as noted above, the fire pump will also need to be tested at no-flow, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, and 150% of rated pump capacity in the variable speed mode. ...<< more>>

Control Valve Basics: Sizing and Selection - CED Engineering

Butterfly valves consist of a disc attached to a shaft with bearings used to facilitate rotation. These are considered high recovery valves, since only the disc obstructs the valve flow path. The flow capacity is relatively high and the pressure drop across the valve is relatively low....