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High Pressure Air Compressor - New or Used High Pressure

The most popular searched High Pressure Air Compressor brands with Australian buyers are currently Atlas Copco, iron air and mcmillan. The fastest growing High Pressure Air Compressor brand with buyers in the last 12 months has been iron air . ...<< more>>

High Pressure Air Compressor - Compressed Air Systems

A high pressure air compressor from Compressed Air Systems can do all this and more. Fit for a variety of industries, from construction to commercial uses, there is a high pressure air compressor for every job. ...<< more>>

Used Air Compressors | Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc.

You’ll commonly find used compressed air systems in stock from small footprint 5-hp models to large industrial single-stage compressors in excess of 450-hp. Types of air compressors include oil-flooded, oil-free and high-pressure models powered by diesel, gas or propane fuel. ...<< more>>

Used Air Compressors & Dryers For Sale | SMB Sales

Air compressor equipment produces compressed air from ambient air by converting power into kinetic energy. Packaging equipment frequently uses compressed air from industrial air compressors as a source of power and motion. ...<< more>>

High Pressure Air Compressors - Patton's Inc

Air Cooled Compressors Sauer Mistral Series Air Cooled Compressors 100 to 580 PSI Sauer Passat Series Air Cooled Compressors 200-1150 PSI Sauer Hurricane Series Air Cooled Compressors 1750-5000 PSI Sauer Tornado Series Air Cooled Compressors 2000-6000 PSI Water Cooled Compressors Sauer Typhoon Series Water Cooled Compressors 150-1500 Sauer 5000 ...<< more>>

Buy and Sell Used Compressors at Aaron Equipment

Used Compressors. Aaron Equipment has a large inventory of reconditioned, unused, and used compressors. Aaron's inventory of compressors includes air reciprocating, air rotary, compressor air dryer, reciprocating gas high pressure, refrigerator, freon, and ammonia compressors. ...<< more>>

High Pressure Compressor - Air Mac

Air Mac is proud to introduce a high pressure line of compressors for Dallas and North Texas. Since 1844, Sauer Compressors has been the predominant manufacturer of high pressure compressors. ...<< more>>

High Pressure Air Compressors - North Shore Compressor

We specialize in high pressure breathing air compressors, supplies, and services. We offer compressors in a large variety of sizes, air storage cylinders (cascade bottles), and containment fill stations. ...<< more>>

Firefighting Breathing Air Compressors High Pressure Air

BREATHING AIR EXPERTS: Reliable breathing air compressor systems have been our focus for six decades. Whether you require a stand-alone compressor, a fully integrated SCBA recharging system, or a complete SCBA trailer system, our priority is to provide breathing air of the highest quality which protects you so you can protect others. ...<< more>>

High Pressure Air Compressor Solutions from Gardner Denver

Gardner Denver’s high pressure solutions are brought to you by two world renowned brands, Belliss & Morcom, a global provider of premium, oil-free compressors, technologies and services, and Reavell, a specialist manufacturer of compressed air and gas systems and services. ...<< more>>

High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryers | Compressor World

High Pressure Air Dryers should be installed after the air tank. We would recommend a water separator and particulate filter to be installed prior to the air dryer and a coalescing filter to filter the oil after the dryer (coalescing filters filter the oil best at the coldest point). ...<< more>>

Large/High-Pressure Air Compressors - Doosan Portable Power

Large/High-Pressure Air Compressors Doosan Portable Power builds their compressors with the drilling customers in mind. Our compressors offer the right level of technology, from years of proven direct engine control to our innovative microcontroller and more. ...<< more>>

Diesel Air Compressor for Sale | Buy Used Diesel Compressors

There are a number of models of diesel air compressor for sale, and they are usually categorised according to the pressure of the created and stored air. LPACs are low pressure models, with a discharge pressure of up to 150psi while HPACs are high pressure models that discharge air over 1,000psi. ...<< more>>

Air Compressors in Colorado (CO) on ThomasNet

Air compressors featuring diesel-based compression & electric-drive high-pressure boosting with 600 psi pressure rating for high pressure applications are also available. Used equipment are available for sale. 24/7 hour emergency services available. ...<< more>>

High Pressure Air Compressors - North Shore Compressor

New Compressors Open Frame - 5000 psi compressor This 3 stage compressor is air cooled, with coolers after each compression, relief valves on all stages, and a high efficiency fan to provide high velocity cooling over the compressor. ...<< more>>

Used High Pressure Breathing Air Electric Compressor - Oil

Visit our used high pressure breathing air compressor web page for 9 to 100 CFM 5000 PSI (345 BAR) compressors. Most are Used Bauer Compressors Contact us for specific unit details, availability and selling prices. ...<< more>>

Used- Bellis Morcom WH-28 400HP High Pressure Air

Used- Bellis Morcom WH-28 400HP High Pressure Air Compressor. Approximately 1020 cfm at 580 psig., 400 hp compressor. M.A.W.P. 780 psi at 350 degrees F. M.D.M.T. 62 degrees F at 780 psi. 3/60/460. ...<< more>>

Air Compressors - Used, For Sale, Buy, Sell, Trade, Used

Air Compressors for Sale. Surplus Industrial Supply, often times or currently has in inventory, the following used equipment: air compressors, used air compressors, screw air compressors used , rotary air compressors, used rotary screw air compressor, industrial air compressors, air compressor suppliers, used gas powered air compressors, rotary screw air compressors, used screw air compressors ...<< more>>

How the Air Compressor Works - Types of Air Compressors

Air compressor types. While there are compressors that use rotating impellers to generate air pressure, positive-displacement compressors are more common and include the models used by homeowners ...<< more>>

Max-Air | High Pressure Air Compressors | Scuba, Fire

Max-Air provides high pressure breathing air compressors, air tools, fill stations, air storage, parts & consumables, custom built compressors, paintball compressors, scuba compressors, fire & safety compressors, and industrial compressor systems. ...<< more>>

Air Compressor - Heavy Duty Compressor Manufacturer from

This High Pressure Air Compressor is designed by using sharp edge technology and checked for quality under various norms set by the industry. Furthermore, our product range is available in different standards....