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2BE4 Pump & Compressor Series | NASH Liquid Ring

The 2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor series is an upgrade to the proven 2BE3 model and has been engineered to deliver improved performance, reliability, and efficiency over the previous models. ...<< more>>

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump | How Does a Vacuum Pump Work

A liquid ring vacuum pump has an impeller with blades attached to a center hub located in a cylindrical body but off-set from the center. In Figure 1 on the right you can see the blades near the top of the pump are closer to the outside wall than at the sides and bottom of the pump. ...<< more>>


2BEC Water Ring Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pump, Water Ring Vacuum Pump, 2BEC Water Ring Vacuum Pump Product Introduction chinacoal10 2BEC water ring vacuum pump can be used for paper making, coal mine, power plant, vacuum filter, chemical, petrochemical industry,food processing industry, etc. ...<< more>>

Liquid-ring pump - Wikipedia

A liquid-ring pump is a rotating positive-displacement pump.. They are typically used as a vacuum pump, but can also be used as a gas compressor.The function of a liquid-ring pump is similar to a rotary vane pump, with the difference being that the vanes are an integral part of the rotor and churn a rotating ring of liquid to form the compression-chamber seal. ...<< more>>

2BEA series liquid ring vacuum pumps and air compressor

2BEC Series of water ring vacuum pumps have the peculiarities of high efficiency and energy-saving.Its efficiency is increased by 10%~30% than that of traditional design of the same type.Energy-saving effects are striking,increased by 20%.They are usually used to suck and compress air with no solid granule.They are widely used in paper-making,chemical industry,light industry,medicine ...<< more>>


Kakati, the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturers in India, introduced KV series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors to the market over 35 years ago and having over 7000 installations worldwide, the KV Series is the most popular vacuum pump ever built by Kakati. ...<< more>>

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps - Busch Vacuum

Liquid ring vacuum pumps normally operate with water as the operating medium. An eccentrically installed impeller rotates in the casing partly filled with liquid. By the rotational movement of the impeller and the resulting centrifugal force the liquid within the cylinder forms the so-called liquid ring. ...<< more>>

China 2bec Stainless Steel Industrial Liquid Water Ring

Applications and features 2BEC series of water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are high-efficiency and energy-saving products on basis of our many years research results and experiences in production and combine with the advanced technique of the like products, which represents the latest technique of pump industry with efficiency raised by 10-30% and energy saving of 20%....