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3G Marine Vertical Three Screw Pump for Marine

To transfer various medium with lubricating property or partial lubricating property, but without solid particles. Including lubricant ( oil) ( for example, lubrication oil, machine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc. ), water glycol, lubrication grease, light diesel oil, residual fuel ( oil) ( such as heavy oil, coal tar, etc. ) and other ...<< more>>

3G Series Three Screw Pump - Hi-sea,professional marine

3G Series Three Screw Pump Application It applies to deliver clean and non-corrosive medium which has lubricating troperty at temperature beow ≤150℃、with the viscosity of 5-760cSt,The pump's working pressure range from 0.6MPa to 2.5MPa and flow capacity range from 0.6-123m 3 /h. ...<< more>>

Pumps - KRAL-USA

considerably higher pulsation than a screw pump. Great control capabilities. The flow rate of a screw pump is directly proportional to the speed of rotation. The flow rate can thus be finely adjusted by changing the rotational speed. In contrast to many other types of pump principles, KRAL screw pumps have linear delivery characteristics. ...<< more>>

China Positive Displacement Pump - China Screw Pump, Three

Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Screw Pump, Three Screw Pump, Triple Screw Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Positive Displacement Pump, Lubrication Pump for Compressors, Mobile Lube Oil System and so on. ...<< more>>

KRAL Three Screw Pumps

The delivery rate of a screw pump depends strongly on the speed.If the delivery rate has to be varied, a controller has to change the rotational speed. The complexity of the controller design depends on the delivery rate characteristics of the screw pump.In contrast to many other functional principles, KRAL screw pumps have linear delivery rate characteristics. ...<< more>>

HW/HM Series Double-suction double screw pump - JINBO MARINE

Double suction double screw pump is mainly made up of driving shaft and driven shaft as well as synchronizer gears installed on them respectively. Each shaft is equipped with a pair of scroll covers having reverse directions of turning. ...<< more>>

China Wind Tubine Lubrication Pump - China Screw Pump

Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Screw Pump, Three Screw Pump, Lubrication Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Wind Tubine Lubrication Pump, Lubrication Pump for Compressors, Mobile Lube Oil System and so on. ...<< more>>

Three Screw Pumps | KRAL | Series K

The three screw pumps are self-priming, with low pulsation delivery and can be easily regulated. The single three screw pumps , single stations and double stations are extremely compact. All K three screw pumps have an internal safety valve. ...<< more>>

Products presentation - Settima

other marine applications up to 40 bar. FOTP pumps are tandem units (2 fluids, main + that can handle any fuel oil. They are especially suited for marine applications up to 80. Did you know? Settima screw pumps are positive displacement pumps designed with axial flow. Inside of the pump there are only three moving parts. ...<< more>>

Imo Pump is proud to be a member of the Colfax Pump Group

The Imo 3-Screw pump is a positive displacement rotary design consisting of a rotor housing which envelopes the ?Fuel Oil Transport and Burner Service The CIG pump can operate at high speed without a suction boost, with excellent suction lift characteristics. ...<< more>>

3G horizontal three screw pump, View screw pump

3G horizontal three screw pump. 1. Rotative and progressive cubage pump. 2. Precise product with simple and reasonable structure. 3. Widely aplicable for fuel transfer, hydraulic engineering,maritime boat, petrochemical and other industry. ...<< more>>


-Smooth pulsation-free flow, without turbulence lubrication oil, fuel oil erc. Design: Three-spindle screw pumps employ three Screw spindle pumps HVP 3 – 2M pump type pump size screw number Applications: Three-spindle screw are used for transport of ...<< more>>

Hebei Hoffwell Industrial Pump Co., Ltd

ABOUT US We are the leading manufacturers of gear pump, screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, Lobe Pump, marine pumps in China, was established in 1996,. Our pump brand “HOFFWELL” is famous brand in China pumps industry. We have been passed ISO9001:2000 quality system enterprises. The staff are over 300 and the equipment are 256 Sets included CNC workshop, Our factory covers area are about 100 ...<< more>>


POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS FOR OIL&GAS AND MARINE APPLICATIONS PUMP TYPE TWIN SCREW PUMPS – EXTERNAL TIMING GEARS Pump Series HR Series: HRV Series : Installation Options: Horizontal Vertical POWER GENERATION: Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plants, Lube Oil Systems. 6 HD - HDL - HDV ...<< more>>


twin screw pump VERSA Twin Screw Pump, high self priming, low noise level, nearly pulsation free pumping without shear and without emulsification of medium pumped, high efficiency, multi phase pumping including gas and liquids. ...<< more>>

Screw Pump - China Pump, Progressive Cavity Pump

LQ3G Heat Insulation Double Jacket Three Screw Pump /Bare Pump or Head Pump/Three Screw Bitumen Asphalt Pump (Oil Heated Bitumen Pump) with unique design of double Zhejiang Yonjou Technology Co., Ltd. ...<< more>>

No noise hydraulic pumps - DMLiefer

There is only a rolling action between the drive screw and the idler ones, without oil encapsulations and trapping. Screw pump series Low noise low pulsation screvw pumps for Industrial 3 SCREW Fuel transfer oil, corrosive liquids, high temperatures oil, ...<< more>>

Tushaco Pumps - Tushaco Three Spindle Screw Pump ( Series

TUSHACO Three Screw pumps employ just three screw elements - one power screw and two idler screws running in the three precision bores in the housing or liner. The screws are so profiled that they form a liquid tight seal between the thread. ...<< more>>

Horizontal Three Screw Pump - Made-in-China

Three Screw Vertical Type Pump, Tri-Screw Pump, Vertical Screw Pump manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Horizontal Three Screw Pump, Horizontal Carbon Steel Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump for Water, Horizontal Multistage Pump (D/DG) and so on. ...<< more>>

Fuel Pulsation Damper - Injector-Rehab

A fuel pulsation damper is a device used to regulate the oscillation of fuel caused by the injectors opening and closing and smooth this out. Sometimes referred to as a FPD. At this time I do not have a diagram to show you, so you will need to use your imagination as I describe it the best I can. ...<< more>>


The 3G Series pumps are positive displacement, rotary screw pumps consisting of a precision bored housing that encloses a drive screw (power rotor) and two intermeshing driven screws (idler rotors). These screws, when rotating, form a succession of closures or cavities....