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Hot Oil & Heat Transfer Magnetic Drive Pumps | High

High performance magnetic couplings handle product temperatures up to 840 °F (450 °C) without external cooling. This allows insulating the pump, which makes it safer and increases the over-all efficiency of the whole system. Valuable heat energy stays inside the system. It is often overlooked, how significant these energy savings actually are. ...<< more>>

Process & High Temperature Metallic Pumps - Dean Pump?

A complete line of horizontal and vertical air cooled hot oil and hot water pumps for high temperature heat transfer applications. Dean Pump? Heavy Duty High Temperature Pumps Heavy duty horizontal and magnetic drive pumps for high temperature heat transfer applications. ...<< more>>

Heat Transfer Pumps | Flowserve SIHI

Products - Heat Transfer Pumps In the temperature range up to approximately 200 °C, water is the preferred medium as it is non-polluting and has a high specific thermal capacity. In the temperature range from 200 °C to 400 °C, organic heat transfer liquids are preferable because the vapour pressure also rises considerably when the temperature increases. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pumps - Chempump

High Temperature Pumps. Teikoku USA Inc. offers a wide range of products for pumping liquids at high temperatures (usually above 400oF). Most applications involve hot oil or hot water as the process fluid used as a heat transfer medium. ...<< more>>

Sealless Heat Transfer & Hot Oil Magnetic Drive Pump | SLM

Klaus Unions sealless heat transfer and hot oil magnetic drive pump SLM-NHO is a high temperature sealless magnetic drive pump for heat transfer applications up to 840 °F without cooling – 18,000 GPM – 700 ft TDH. ...<< more>>

Pumping High Temperature Liquids - Pump School

temperature range. For this reason, Nitralloy pins are used for high temperature applications beyond 450°F (230°C). Dimensional change due to thermal expansion plays an enhanced role on two fronts. 1) Clearances in the pump are critical to pump operation and maximum efficiency. Heat causes the metal parts to expand, decreasing the internal clearances. ...<< more>>

Air Cooled High Temperature Pumps – Dean Pump?

Dean Pump? RA Series Air Cooled Thermal Liquid/Hot Oil Pumps Cost effective, hot oil, heat transfer pumps feature an air-cooled design with NO EXTERNAL WATER COOLING REQUIRED. Thirteen sizes are available in ductile iron construction. ...<< more>>

High Temperature Pumps | AxFlow

Nearly every catagory of pump offered by AxFlow have high temperature models. Because of our wide product range and expertise in the field of fluid transfer, we are able to offer high temperature pumps able to cope with the most corrosive of liquids and those with low viscosities. ...<< more>>

Thermal Oil Pumps & Hot Oil Circulating Pumps for Burners

Thermal oil pumps, or hot oil pumps as they are otherwise known, are designed for the movement of heat-transfer oils under high temperature conditions. High temperature oil pumps such as these are primarily used to feed an oil burner or furnace, or as a hot oil circulation pump for circulating the fuel as part of a larger boiler feed or heating system. ...<< more>>

high temperature oil pump | eBay

black silicone high temperature adhesive sealant gasket heat resistant car 21g. See more like this High Temperature Resistance SiC Graphite Water Pipeline Pump Oil Seal 108-12...