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Fountain Pumps. The pump is the unseen heart of your fountain, water feature or koi pond. Submerged in the reservoir, the pump draws water into its housing, where an impeller (a water propeller spun by electricity) forces the water out through the pump’s outflow fitting. ...<< more>>

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You need to completely submerge the pump to extract the water? Applications Select Irrigation pumps Cooling Systems Air Conditioning Systems Ironing System Washing systems Water Supply systems Liquids transfer Fire-fighting sets Pressure systems Emptying tanks Water Treatment Plants Drainage Dirty water - Slightly solid Particles ...<< more>>

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Do you know where the source of water? On the surface or deep ? You need to completely submerge the pump to extract the water? ...<< more>>

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They fall into horizontal centrifugal pumps and vertical centrifugal pumps according to the position of pump shaft. If you are looking for other water pumps and garden machines, such as peripheral pumps, submersible pumps, garden shredders, lawn mowers, and electric scarifiers etc., we can also fulfill your needs. ...<< more>>

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New Listing Total Pond 170 GPH Low Water Shut-Off Fountain Pump Adjustable Flow Garden Pump Our patented Low Water Shut-Off Technology automatically senses when the water is low and turns itself off. Once water is added, the pump will turn itself back on. ...<< more>>

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First, measure the horizontal distance you want your water pump to push water. Then, measure the height from the top of the pond's surface to the height of your waterfall, pond filter or wherever you want the pump to push water to. ...<< more>>

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Surface pumps sit above ground and move water through pipes. These are handy for moving large quantities of water at a slow pace. Surface pumps are commonly found on farms or large irrigation systems where water needs to be moved from a lake or other body to fields or landscaping. ...<< more>>

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Koi pond & water garden supplies. Waterfalls, filters, pumps, UV sterilizers, clarifiers, and fountains. Koi food, additives and medications. ...<< more>>

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Most pond pumps are rated by the gallons of water they're able to pump per hour (GPH). As a general rule of thumb, a pump with a flow rate of 1500 GPH is needed for every foot of the length of the spillway (the weir, which is the horizontal width of the waterfall opening). ...<< more>>

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KATSU Centrifugal Peripheral 1/2 HP Water Pump Home Pond Garden Farm Tank 151112 This is a quality water pump with COPPER wire motor and BRASS impeller. Suitable for indoors and outdoors use, such as gardens, ponds and tanks etc....