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2BV5 Monoblock Pump Series | NASH Liquid Ring

The NASH 2BV5 liquid ring vacuum pump series has been designed to provide superior performance for a wide array of applications. Innovative and economical, the high vacuum capability, extra water handling ability, and compact size combine to make an ideal machine for industries like plastics manufacturing and medical technologies. ...<< more>>


2BV 2 MONOBLOCK LIQUID RING PUMP. Innovative and economical monoblock pumps. The 2BV 2 pumps have been designed to provide superior performance for a wide array of applications. ...<< more>>

2bv Monoblock Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Of - alibaba

2BV series water ring vacuum pumps are suitable for pumping the gases and steam. Its suction pressure can reach 33mbar (abs) (i.e. 97 % vacuum degree). ...<< more>>

2bv series liquid ring vacuum pump -

2bv series liquid ring vacuum pump Buy Cheap China water-ring vacuum pump Products, Find China . 2sk water-ring vacuum pump for liquid ring vacuum pump. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Deaeration Pump Wholesale, Pump Suppliers -

If the transformer oil is used as the operating liquid, these pumps are called oil ring vacuum pump and the suction pressure can reach 6.7mbar (abs) (i.e. 2BV series stainless steel pumps can be used under the conditions with higher requirements for the corrosive-proof or the lustration. ...<< more>>

NCC series: close-coupled pumps - NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps

Our NCC series is the economical choice for small single stage close-coupled liquid ring vacuum pumps. Designed as drop-in replacements for Siemens 2BV series, they are available in 2-25 HP (18-353 CFM). ...<< more>>

Series L-BV5 | L 300 Range 2BV5 110 Vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps of the L- V5 range are suitable for evacuating gases and wet vapours down to inlet pressures of 33 mbar abs (97% vacuum) All these vacuum pumps are equipped with built-in ...<< more>>

SV rotary vane vacuum pump - evpvacuum

SV series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of reliable, durable, economic and applicable range of vacuum equipment. In the circular pump body, it has an air suction valve and exhaust valve (stator). ...<< more>>

liquid ring vacuum pump - VINDI VAK

The Liquid Ring / Waterring vacuum pump is the best solution for vacuum applications where wet, or extremely humid, and slightly contaminated vapour / gases are ingested. For several of these applications, water is the best media that can be used for the Liquid Ring....