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Belimo Motorized Valve, Belimo Zone Valve for FCU

Belimo Zone Valve for FCU The Z..S-.. zone valves are intended for the use in terminal units such as Fan Coil and VAV box in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. The valves can be used with hot and cold water within the temperature range from 0 Deg C (non freeze) – 93 Deg C. ...<< more>>

fan coil motorized valve - SeekPart

Motorized valve V6016 2-way/3-way Fan Coil Unit Motorized ValveV6016 Series (2-Wire)Two-way/Three-way Motorized Valves arewidely used in heating and air-conditioning system.Actuator could be installed after the v ...<< more>>

Motorised Valves - Honeywell UK Heating Controls

The V4044 Motorised Diverter Valve has been designed to control the flow of water between heating and hot water in domestic fully pumped central systems. The Diverter Valve will only allow flow to one zone at any one time. The V4044 is used in the Sundial W Plan Hot Water priority system. ...<< more>>

Motorised Valves | Central Heating | Screwfix

Motorised heating valves are an electrically controlled valve used in central heating systems to control the flow of heated water in the home. Our range consists of both 22mm and 28mm diameters and 2 and 3 ports. ...<< more>>


HIGH CLOSE-OFF FCU, MODULATING VALVE DESCRIPTION FM series modulating valves are mainly used in central air-conditioning cool/heat water system. It can accurately control the flow of cool/heat medium according to the actual requirement, and won’t result in ...<< more>>

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Motorized Valve For Fcu We are engaged in offering excellent quality Motorized Valve For FCU to our valuable clients.Application:- DYH02 series motorized valves are used to control the terminal water way of air conditioners, which consist of thermostats that can control the motorized valves, and use speed-down devices .. ...<< more>>

Motorised control valves and actuators | Danfoss

Motorised control valves ensure perfect control and efficiency for every building and application. Danfoss Motorised Control Valves (MCV) for district heating and cooling, HVAC and central heating systems ensure stable and accurate control of water, glycol mixtures and steam. ...<< more>>

Commercial HVAC Control Valve Selection

Relatively new for commercial HVAC systems, the PI valve is a combination of a pressure reducing valve and control valve. They control at constant flow regardless of fluctuations of pressure in the system. ...<< more>>

Hotowell International Co., Limited,Thermostat, Zone Valve

We Started to buy thermostats and valves from Hotowell 5 years ago, their products perform really stably , its staffs always provide easy and professional communication and timely delivery. No Doubt that Hotowell is a perfect strategic business partner. ...<< more>>

Fan Coil Unit Control-HONEYWELL-Product-Control Mart

Fan Coil Unit Control The TF428WN digital thermostat with backlight LCD display and valve control in a fan coil system with 3-speed control, including: 2-pipe cool only/heat only/manual changeover ...<< more>>

Section 7: Appendices Appendix A: Technology Comparison of

flow of a valve installed in a system. Turndown is equal to or less than rangeability. EXAMPLE: For the valve in the rangeability example, if the system requires a 66 gpm maximum flow through the valve and since the minimum accurately controllable flow is 3 gpm, the turndown is 22. ...<< more>>

Fan Coil Unit - CARRIER

founder Dr. Carrier invented the first system of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier has been the world leader in the air conditioning industry with its products and system solutions supplied to numerous famous buildings, and up to now, the ...<< more>>

WINNER Ball Vavles co., Ltd.winner-hvac WINNER

Our company winner electronic is the company in China to develop, produce and sell small automotive electric ball valve and put the ball valve for central air condition system ...<< more>>

Testing & Commissioning Of Fan Coil Units FCU's

The motorized valve shall be checked for proper operation based on the signal from the thermostat. Check the condensate drains freely & the slope of the condensate drain pipes is from 1 to 3% & the drain trap is serviceable. ...<< more>>

FCU Digital Thermostat With Modbus Communication

FCU Digital Thermostat With Modbus Communication-HTW-31-F17 DatasheetTechnical Information.pdf >> General . These kind of digital thermostats, applying the most advanced and international standardized microcomputer control chip, measures the indoor temperature by the in-built NTC high-precision sensor. ...<< more>>

The Importance of Balancing Valves in Chilled Water Systems

Alternatively, a balanced chiller system—obtained through quality balancing valves—allows for the maximum chiller capacity to be completely distributed to all terminals. What this means is that optimum system and building performance is achieved, efficiency is ensured, and in the end, money is saved. ...<< more>>

HVAC Sequences of Operation Stanford SEQ2 Environment and

control valve in the line returning water to the house hot water system will be used to maintain the setpoint. When the tempered hot water supply temperature drops below ...<< more>>

Valves and Actuators Catalog - johnsoncontrols

V-4 Table of Contents VG1000 Series Three-Way, Stainless Steel Trim, NPT End Connections Ball Valves with Spring-Return Electric Actuators with ...<< more>>

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Beca Valve Co.,Ltd - China supplier of thermostat, fcu thermostat, heating thermostat, valve, motorized valve, damper actuator, ball valve, balancing valve, butterfly ...<< more>>

Pressure Independent Control Valves and Actuators

Siemens Pressure independent control valves (PICVs) integrate three functions into a single device: control valve, adjustable flow limiter, and automatic pressure regulator. Siemens’ new PICV line is engineered to offer unprecedented accuracy and simplify planning, installation and commissioning – especially for large hydronic HVAC system applications covering rooms and zones. ...<< more>>

2 Way-3way Valves for Chilled Water System | Valve | Gas

If you had a two way valve that was nearly closed then had to open up the loop flow would increase and it would take time for the cool water to travel to the coil and for the rest of the system to respond....