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FAQ Session 4: Oil vs. Oil Free Vacuum Pumps for BHO

The 2 most common types of vacuum pumps being used for cannabis extractions are oil pumps and oil-free pumps. Rotary Vane (Oil) Vacuum Pumps Rotary vane pump technology is an older technology that has been used in commercial and laboratory grade vacuum pumps for over 50 years. ...<< more>>

Oil Free Vacuum Pump | Labx

Oil Free Vacuum Pump online auctions and classified ads for lab equipment on LabX. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps, New and Used Laboratory Vacuum Pumps - labx

Find vacuum pumps and laboratory vacuum systems on LabX. Various models from: Brandtech, Buchi, Varian, Leybold, Edwards, and more for sale. Buy and sell classifieds. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps | Product Finder | Lab Manager

Vacuum pumps come in many different designs with an array of features, and it is important to carefully consider the applications for which the pump will be used before selecting a particular model. Sorry! ...<< more>>

Dry Compressing Dry Com Vacuum Pumps - Leybold

sure while having to maintain an oil-free vacuum . The DIVAC T pumps have been specially developed as backing pumps for wide range high vacuum turbo- istry lab . They are basically corrosion - Portable, compact, small footprint - Can be operated in any orientation ...<< more>>

US Vacuum Pumps

DV Series Rotary Vane Dry Vacuum Pumps . The DV series of pumps are 100% oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps. They are designed to operate on a continuous basis at any point from atmospheric pressure to a vacuum level of 22.5—27' Hg depending on the pump model. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps - Lab Society

Diffusion pumps use silicone oil or polyphenyl ethers as the working fluid; Mercury can be used as well when dealing with instruments which require a clean vacuum. Refilling of these work fluids can be costly, but the reliability of these pumps are second to none, as there are no moving parts in these pumps. ...<< more>>

Laboratory Suction Pumps, Medical Suction Pumps, Oilfree

Vaccum Pumps Oilfree, Oilfree Air Compressors, Vaccum Pumps, Portable Oilfree Vaccum Pumps, Laboratory Suction Pumps, Medical Suction Pumps, Portable Vaccum Pumps, Vacuum Pump For Dentists, Laboratories Vacuum Pump, Mumbai, India ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps - Lab Supplies - Chemicals - Reagents

4 Fisher Scientific Vacuum Pumps Fisher Scientific oil-free piston pumps and diaphragm pumps for a variety of applications such as filtration of low volumes, degassing, gas transfer and sampling. ...<< more>>

3 Types of Vacuum Pumps - from Cole-Parmer Blog

Within the diaphragm pumps, the main factors that affect the price of a pump are the wetted materials, maximum vacuum, and free air capacity. If there will there be solvents or corrosive gasses present in the air stream, a customer may need the pumphead constructed of chemically resistant materials. ...<< more>>

Pumps | Fisher Scientific

Pumps Thermo Scientific? Barnstead? NANOpure? Pump Assembly Replacement diaphragm pump for Thermo Scientific Barnstead TII Type II Water System - Series 1403 and 1404 ...<< more>>

Portable Electric Air Compressors - Grainger Industrial Supply

You can take these portable electric air compressors with you to the jobsite, workshop, and wherever else they’re needed. Oil free pump helps reduce maintenance. ...<< more>>

Dairy Vacuum Pumps - Bob-White Systems - Small Scale Dairy

Refill oil tank with a good grade of high detergent motor oil or vacuum pump oil. Oil level should be 1/2 or 3/4 in sight tube. Add when oil level drops to 1/4 in sight tube (see photo for recommended oil fill level). ...<< more>>

Air Compressor Vacuum Pump | Quincy Compressor

Quincy Compressor is your headquarters for high-quality, reliable air compressor vacuum pump units that are the product of nearly 100 years of unrivaled industry expertise. Quincy vacuum pumps are used by companies across the United States and around the world due to their uncompromising reliable and unbeatable performance. ...<< more>>

SPEEDAIRE Portable Electric Air Compressors - Air

Oil Free Portable Air Compressor Multiple product options available You can take these portable electric air compressors with you to the jobsite, workshop, and wherever else they’re needed. ...<< more>>

Chapter 6 Vacuum Pumps - RIT - People

Chapter 6 Vacuum Pumps April 2008. 2. Contents Exactly how do we produce a vacuum? Many di erent kinds of vacuum pumps ex-ist, each with their own application. In this the common oil di usion pump, the tur-bomolecular, ion, titanium sublimation, and cryopumps are hi-vac pumps. ...<< more>>

Making the Oil-Sealed vs Oil-Free Decision | Normandale

This, seemingly obvious solution, would then indicate that the vacuum practitioner would only need to replace an OS pump with an oil-free (OF) pump to force all those pesky hydrocarbon-contamination problems to go away forever. ...<< more>>

GEMINI 2050 - Welch Vacuum - Gardner Denver

Bring vacuum to where you need it. GEMINI pumps operate on DC power and are readily used with a car adapter or 120VAC adapter. Excellent vacuum for filtration or sampling - 190 torr, 9 l/min. Small, lightweight, portable. ...<< more>>

Oil Free Laboratory Vacuum Pump, Model 500, 28 liters

Shop Oil Free Laboratory Vacuum Pump, Model 500, 28 liters/minute, AC 110V/60Hz from Southern Labware. We have large collections of scientific lab supplies, equipments & glass labwares. Shop Now! ...<< more>>

Oil Free Vacuum Pumps - Rotary Lobe Pump, Centrifugal

It Is Diaphragm Type, Oil Free Portable Vacuum Pump, Especially Suitable For Solvent Filtration Kit For HPCL And Evacuable KBr Die For IR Spectroscopy. Applications Glass Forming, Suction Machines, Labeling Machines, Dentists, Plastic Welding, Oil Free Spray Painting, Etc. ...<< more>>

How To Choose the Best Vacuum Pump For Your Septic Truck

The Eliminator MK250 vacuum pump package from Fruitland Manufacturing is designed for portable sanitation service, and includes a Fruitland RCF250 commercial and continuous-duty vacuum pump, creating optimal vacuum for portable sanitation (180 cfm). The package is engineered with a heavy-duty and integral secondary shut-off, oil-catch muffler...