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PEN600 high-viscosity media dosing dispenser / for paint / resin / for adhesives PEN150 chemical pump / electric / self-priming / for the chemical industry PEN450 paint dosing dispenser / resin / for adhesives / silicone ...<< more>>

Our Products - Industrial Screw Pumps, Chemical Screw

AL/BL Series Industrial and Chemical screw pumps. AL pumps are of cast iron construction with various metallurgy of rotating parts like Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, SS 304 and SS 316 while BL pumps are of complete SS 304 and SS 316 material of construction. ...<< more>>

HVDP Series High Viscosity Drum Pump - W. W. Grainger

HVDP Series High Viscosity Drum Pump How does it work? HVDP Series pumps are positive displacement pumps, which use a progressive cavity design to move a given quantity of liquid with each revolution of the rotor inside of a stator. The rotor resembles a single threaded screw that turns inside a ...<< more>>

High-solids paints [SubsTech]

High pressure pumps are used in the spray equipment for application of high viscosity high-solids paints. The paint viscosity may be reduced by a heater mounted between the pump and the spray gun. Two-head spray guns may be used for application of two-component high-solids paints. ...<< more>>

Sine pumps optimise high viscosity resin delivery at Enercon

MasoSine sine pumps are particularly suitable for use with high viscosity fluids as the rotation of the sinusoidal rotors creates four equal circumferential chambers, into which the impregnating resin is delivered. ...<< more>>

Sine pumps optimise high viscosity resin delivery at Enercon

Sine pumps optimise high viscosity resin delivery at Enercon Bredel pumps deliver 25% improvement to process uptime and contribute to reduced CO2 emissions at Italian organic waste recycling plant New Qdos 20 optimises metering for sodium hypochlorite applications ...<< more>>

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PEN600A high-viscosity media dosing dispenser / for paint / resin / for adhesives PEN150A chemical pump / electric / self-priming / for the chemical industry PEN450A paint dosing dispenser / resin / for adhesives / silicone ...<< more>>

Sanitary Positive Displacement Pumps - Dixon Valve US

Gently handle low to high viscosity fluids. In-House Application Engineering Services Industrial: ? Paint, resin, ink, chemicals, detergents, etc. Dixon Sanitary Stock 1 Pulsation free heli-lobe rotors give the pump increased capacity through higher speed limits JRZL - Series Rotary Lobes ...<< more>>

Temperature Control and Viscosity FAQs

This is a common question. Most in-line heaters provide insufficient thermal transfer area to move sufficient energy into the subject fluid without excessive element temperatures, resulting in breakdown or premature curing of the fluid being dispensed. ...<< more>>

Peristaltic Industrial Pumps By EMP Industries

The Peristaltic Pump is a positive displacement pump built to pump various fluid types in a variety of industrial applications. The fluid is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular casing as a rotor with 'rollers', 'shoes' or 'wipers' compresses the tube. ...<< more>>

Construction chemistry, paints, lacquers & adhesives

A manufacturer of paint, varnish and special chemicals needed a high performance pump to convey adhesive for tiles and parquet. The manufacturer previously used a piston diaphragm pump for this purpose. ...<< more>>

Pump School Liquid List

Remarks: Bright stock is a lubricating oil of high viscosity, obtained from residues of petroleum distillation. #2 is used for domestic heating; #'s 3 and 4 are used in industrial furnaces. Pump Notes: Cast iron construction is satisfactory. so provision should be made for handling a thin solvent as well as for the paint itself. Pump ...<< more>>

EnviroGear - Pumps and Services

The EnviroGear Seal-less Internal Gear Pump uses magnets mounted directly to the rotor, eliminating the need for an adapter plate and allowing for a single fluid chamber. This design results in a much shorter, simpler flow path, and allows the pump to easily handle fluids with high viscosities up to 50,000 cSt while increasing bearing life and ...<< more>>

Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps - Vacaero

Oil sealed rotary vane pumps (aka rotary vane pumps) are the primary pumps on most vacuum systems used in the heat treatment industry. They are also referred to as a “backing” pump when used in combination with a booster pump, or with both a booster and secondary (“high vacuum”) pump, typically a diffusion style. ...<< more>>

mas epoxy resin

Product Features MAS recommends using medium hardener and our FLAG resin with the ...<< more>>

Paint Dispensing Systems | Products & Suppliers

Description: The new and innovative precision-volume-dispenser eco-PEN700 made by ViscoTec offers a wide range of applications for low to medium-viscosity dispensing. preeflow? eco-PEN is a rotating and perfectly pressuretight displacement system.Self-sealing rotor/stator design. ...<< more>>

Dispensing Automation, Dispensing Industrial Robots, RTV

High speed dispensing with accurate mixing ratio. Twin’s systems are specially designed for accurate mixing and high volume dispensing. Capable of handling paste-like adhesives with viscosity up to 1 million cp our systems are proven for high volume dispensing of the glue in stipulated time for bonding. ...<< more>>

Gear Pumps - Industrial Pump Types - Allflo - Allflo Pumps

Gear pumps use the motion of gears to pump fluid through displacement. Able to pump at high pressures and commonly used for high-viscosity liquids, they’re suitable for a variety of uses. With over 70 years of combined experience, Allflo Pumps & Equipment is a trusted manufacturer of pumps for a range of applications. ...<< more>>

Lobe Pumps - Lobe Sanitary Pump Manufacturer from Ahmedabad

Stainless steel lobe rotor pump also called colloidal pump. All flowing parts are made of stainless steel, can transmit high viscosity, thickness and any medium contain particle. The rotational speed is low, generally keep already existing quality not changing, any physics and chemistry properties won't be changed. ...<< more>>

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The development of S T D dispensing pump, metering pump, filling system is widely used in the world of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, solar energy, food, cosmetics, chemical industry, iron and steel, paint, 3D-Print and other industries ...<< more>>

Granco Pump – Techs & Specs

Granco Pumps can be used in many applications for many different fluids. The pump is classified as a slow speed, high displacement pump that receives its lubrication from the fluid being pumped. The fluid must have some “film forming” ability or lubricity between moving parts to minimize metal to metal contact between the rotor shafts and...