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Alfa Laval - SX

Available in 14 different models, SX rotary lobe pumps are capable of handling of a wide variety of viscosity and temperature requirements, flow rates up to 115 m 3 /h, pressures up to 15 bar and temperatures up to 150°C. A wide range of seals is available to ensure that the right seal is selected for the specific application. ...<< more>>

Rotary lobe pump, Lobe pumping - All industrial

fuel oil pump / electric / rotary lobe / for high-viscosity fluids 60 - 3,400 cm3 / rev Universal cam and rotor transfer pump is suitable to tenderly transfer high-viscosity matters or the matters and is a cost-effective alternative to Alfa Laval SRU and SX rotary More information. rotary lobe pump / for food products / electric ...<< more>>

Rotary lobe pumps run like clockwork - ScienceDirect

At a viscosity of approximately 375 mm 2 /s, the screw rotor pump requires about 75 kW; the rotary lobe pump, however, only requires 48 kW, and a rotary lobe pump with an NBR coating (orange line) only needs 45 kW. In comparison to screw rotor pumps, energy consumption at high viscosities can be reduced by about 40% by using a rotary lobe pump ...<< more>>

Transfer Rotary Lobe Pump - Transfer Rotary Lobe Pump

Rotary Lobe Pump is a positive displacement pump, which has two rotors in the pump head. The two rotors fixed on two shafts and rotate syn-chronically in counter direction. The two rotors fixed on two shafts and rotate syn-chronically in counter direction. ...<< more>>

Rotary Lobe Pumps | New Zealand | Pump and Valve Specialties

Jabsco Rotary Lobe Pumps have been around for over 40 years and are the trusted name in the industry, excelling in high efficiency and reliability. Lobe pumps offer superb sanitary qualities, high efficiency, reliability, corrosion resistance, and good clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place (CIP/SIP) characteristics. ...<< more>>

Rotary Lobe Pump - NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

Rotary lobe, pump and gear seals can easily be serviced or exchanged after removal of the housing cover plate; it is not necessary to disassemble the pump housing or piping. 6 Rotary Lobes Two- to four-bladed, straight or beveled rotary lobes in various elastomer qualities are available for different applications. ...<< more>>

Applications | HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH

Type: Type HP: Industry: Chemical | Oil & Gas: Internal gear pumps; Self-priming; Shaft seal by stuffing box packing, single or double mechanical seal; Brochure: Download PDF ...<< more>>

Jabsco Hygienic Lobe Pumps | All Pumps

Jabsco pumps by Xylem have been in the industry for over 40 years, manufacturing industrial pumps for a wide variety of applications. Jabsco HyLine and Ultima positive displacement rotary lobe pumps are designed to pump delicate, viscous and particle-laden fluids as well as thin liquids which require an all stainless steel pump. ...<< more>>

Sanitary Positive Displacement Pumps - Dixon Valve US

4 800.789.1718 PD Pump Brochure PD Pump Brochure 800.789.1718 5 JRZL - Series Rotary Lobe Pumps Pumps can be fitted with a variety of features and options to ensure the best performance will be achieved for your specific application. ...<< more>>

Internal Gear Pumps | Johnson Pump | SPX FLOW

Johnson Pump's gear pump design is based on an internal idler gear rotating inside of a larger rotor. Internal gear pumps are robust, give an even flow, handle both low and high viscosity products, are capable of high pressure and are self-priming. ...<< more>>

Rotary Oil Pump, Rotary Oil Pump Suppliers and

Summarize: three lobes roots vacuum pumps lq3a thick liquid transfer rotary lobe oil pump (pump for food and industry grade) , food grade sanitary stainless steel pump pulp and paper, chemical, food, beverage,pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. ...<< more>>

Oil Well Pumps - ThomasNet

Distributor of pumps used in oil well and refinery oil line applications Types of pumps include stainless steel pumps, cast iron pumps, single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, jet pumps, rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps, metering pumps, impeller pumps, booster pumps and end-suction centrifugal pumps. ...<< more>>

What is making this sound? (in a Rotary lobe pump

I made this rotary PD pump to suction another high viscosity liquid and I used frequency inverter to change the motor speed. At the full speed, severe noise and vibration happened. Troubleshooting said "The liquid viscosity is too high. ...<< more>>

TORNADO? Rotary Lobe Pump - NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

NETZSCH TORNADO ? industrial rotary lobe pumps are versatile stand-alone equipment. Used primarily in environmental technology and the chemical industry, these pumps handle almost any substance continuously and gently while metering in proportion to rotation speed. ...<< more>>

55 Series Lobe Pumps - Depco Pump Company

benefit of the rotary lobe pumping action but that medium to high viscosity products (over 500 cp) can be accurately metered by control- displacement rotary lobe pumps designed to pump delicate, viscous and particle-laden fluids as well as thin liquids which require ...<< more>>

High Viscosity Pump, High Viscosity Pump Suppliers and

A wide variety of high viscosity pump options are available to you, such as rotary pump, reciprocating pump, and vacuum pump. You can also choose from diaphragm pump, gear pump, and screw pump. As well as from air pump, water, and oil. ...<< more>>

Alfa Laval - Rotary lobe pumps

Our rotary lobe pumps are designed for low, medium and high-viscosity media and offer gentle pumping action and reliable performance. Our portfolio includes three ranges: SX, SRU and OptiLobe . ...<< more>>

Oil for oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump - VACUUBRAND

Oils for rotary vane pumps have to meet high requirements, especially in circumstances of continuous operation: Pump oil K 8 does not have the low vapor pressure and the viscosity characteristics of pump oil type B. Pumps will therefore not reach the specified ultimate vacuum and may not start up well at temperatures . 18°C. ...<< more>>

Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps - Vacaero

Oil sealed rotary vane pumps (aka rotary vane pumps) are the primary pumps on most vacuum systems used in the heat treatment industry. They are also referred to as a “backing” pump when used in combination with a booster pump, or with both a booster and secondary (“high vacuum”) pump, typically a diffusion style. ...<< more>>

Heavy duty gear pumps | Rotary Gear Pumps | Industrial

Welcome To Ani Engineers Anivarya Pumps is one of the leading Manufacturing firm in India for Gear Pump, Rotary Gear Pump, Helical Gear Pump, Stainless Steel, Liquid Pump, Lobe, Oil, Industrial Pumps and Pumping Systems. ...<< more>>

China Gear Oil Pump,Rotary Lobe Pump,Stainless Steel Pump

Botou Honghai Pump Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing Gear Oil Pump,Rotary Lobe Pump,Stainless Steel Pump,Gear Pump,Centrifugal Pump,Rotor Pump,Screw Pump,Magnetic Pump.We hope you can get high quality products and perfect service in our company....