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Food Pump | eBay

2" Stainless Steel Vane Pump - w/ 2 HP Motor. The 220 V, 2 hp motor has a 2" (5.08 cm) inlet and outlet so you can easily pump 70°F (21°C) high viscosity liquids at 40 gpm (151.42 lpm). Viking AK4500B 1.5" Pump Stainless Steel Food Grade Gear Pump ...<< more>>

Global Pump | CD4MCu Stainless

CD4MCu Stainless Steel for Corrosive and Abrasive Applications. As an option, Global Pump provides it's full line of outstanding Trash and High Head pumps in CD4MCu, a high grade duplex stainless steel, for applications where corrosion and/or abrasion are a concern. ...<< more>>

Rotary & Piston Drum Pumps, Siphon Barrel Lever Action Pump

Action Pump Food Grade Progressive Cavity Drum Pumps are made of heavy duty stainless steel for long lasting durability. Engineered specifically for transferring viscous materials from Drums and Tanks commonly found in the industrial market place, the progressive cavity design delivers a continuous flow of material with little product degradation. ...<< more>>

Food processing - Eaton

The stainless steel filter is rated at 1,100 gpm while filtering up to 100 microns. It stands a little over 8 feet tall and weighs approximately 720 pounds when fully flooded. It can be equipped with slotted wire strainer elements ranging from 50 to 1,140 microns to meet a broad range of application requirements. ...<< more>>

Valley Instrument Hydraulic Pressure Gauge — Liquid Filled

Valley Instrument Hydraulic Pressure Gauge displays operating pressure. Liquid-filled gauge resists vibration and lasts longer. Bottom attachment is 1/4in. threaded. 2 1/2in. face and stainless steel case. ...<< more>>

Drive Products Product Pumps

The Drum STP125 Food Grade Cargo pump is a stainless steel pump specifically designed for the transfer of food-grade products from tank trailers. The new seal design offers the option of a double lip, mechanical seal or a 3A-approved O-ring seal. ...<< more>>

Liquid Transfer Pump | eBay

Can pump: Petrol, Gas, Water, Oil. UTILITY PUMP KIT! Stainless steel shaft and thermoplastic pump housing. New Liquid Transfer Siphon Pump Gas Oil Water Fish ...<< more>>


Malaysia's leading machinery importer & distributor, solution & service provider for agricultural, industrial, construction and food machines. ...<< more>>

Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps – Ampco Pumps

When gentle sanitary liquid product handling is a necessity, look to Ampco Pumps for reliable, durable and efficient centrifugal pumps. From food and beverage applications to dairy or pharmaceutical processing, Ampco is dedicated to manufacturing highly engineered sanitary centrifugal pumps to ensure processing is a smooth, seamless operation. ...<< more>>

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Supply of new and quality used & refurbished process equipment to various industries which includes Dairy Processing, Confectionery, General Food Processing, Drinks & Beverages, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Breweries & Distilleries to name a few....