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Intermittent high shear emulsifier/homogenizer/mixer, mixing pump,emulsifying machine ...<< more>>

Jetmixer Dispersing Emulsifier For Asphalt With CE/ISO9001/GMP

high viscosity liquids emulsifier mixer agitator machine asphalt high shear dispersing emulsifier cosmetic vaccum/closed emulsifier with ce/iso9001/gmp interpreting test results of hot and cold hot mix asphalt (hma) is used to increase the performance of cold mix. it also gives the results of same 3.6 variation of residual asphalt content a set of. ...<< more>>

Emulsifier For Bitumen Emulsion, Emulsifier For Bitumen

Inline Emulsifier Inline Pic Inline features Inline high-shear Emulsifier, with precision stator and rotor,widely used in the area of bitum emuslion, modified asphalt emulsion, food, beverage, diesel emulsion, etc. Features: High shear emulsion pump is best emulsifying effect and top efficiency, more suitable for production which need high ...<< more>>

lobe pump/sine pump/high shear mixer/powder liquid mixer

Colloid mill works with shearing,grinding high-speed stirring.Grinding process occurs in the relative movement between the two teeth with one revolving in high speed and another still,which makes the material between the teeth receive strong shearing and abrasion in addition to high frequency vibration and high speed swirl.The above forces effectively evenly disperse,emulsify,smash the material. ...<< more>>

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emulsifier machine Emulsifier emulsifying machine food dairy Emulsifier,emulsifier machine, emulsifying machinePrimary functions: The FPL series of intermittent type high-shearing homogenization emulsion machine are high-powered stirring systems ...<< more>>

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suppliers asphalt emulsion mixing machine for sale inline high shear emulsifier pump with precision finishing for the working head are widely asphalt mixing machine for homogenizer, modified asphalt emulsifier, road asphalt emulsified mixer emulsifying emulsified asphalt emulsifying homogenizer. asphalt mixing machine. modified asphalt ...<< more>>

In-line Emulsifying Machine-Emulsifying Mixers-Chengdu Xindu

It is used to modify or emulsify bitumen. Meanwhile, the pump is widely appliedd to continuous production in the industries of pesticides, fuel oil, heavy oil, diesel oil, textiles, paper, additives, food, cosmetics, and liquid wash. ...<< more>>

Wenzhou Yixite Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. , China , Mechanical

Company Description Wenzhou Yixite Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in mechanical development, manufacturing and installation in food, chemistry, pharmacy, commodity, chemical industry fields. ...<< more>>

Emulsified Asphalt Vacuum Emulsifying Homogenizer Equipment

food emulsifying pump mayonnaise mixeremulsified asphalt emulsifying homogenizer. as food and other liquid lab high shear mixer emulsifying machine. asphalt equipment vacuum emulsifying mixer high speed lab cream vacuum emulsifiers5 30l lab use hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier mixing equipment small batch analyzing machinery homogenizer tank ...<< more>>

High Speed Homogenizer For Cream High Shear Emulsifier

high shear homogenizer emulsifier,high shear mixer,emulsifying mixer,emulsion mixer,vacuum heating cosmetic cream vacuum homogenizing emulsifiers, emulsified asphalt high shear emulsifier asphalt. aggregate. emulsifier. asphalt emulsion droplet high contain other basic equipment. high speed, high shear pump/ mixer/homogenizer...