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DLV Series Double Stages Water Ring Vacuum Pumps|Liquid Ring

This series has two compression processes, with steady suction speed in high vacuum, or keeping the high vacuum in a wide range of suction speed. Its efficiency in high vacuum is 35%-40% higher than that of single stage pump, but with less energy consumption. ...<< more>>

Close-Coupled Pumps - NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps

Our NCC series is the economical choice for small single stage close-coupled liquid ring vacuum pumps. Designed as drop-in replacements for Siemens 2BV series, they are available in 2-25 HP (18-353 CFM). ...<< more>>

Siemens | Dekker Vacuum Technologies

Interchangeability between Siemens & DEKKER single-stage pumps: Process conditions may alter vacuum pump selection, please consult your DEKKER applications engineer before making a final selection. ...<< more>>

Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump - Principles of

To produce vacuum in a single-stage liquid ring vacuum pump, a multi-blade impeller on a shaft is positioned eccentrically in a cylindrical housing that is partially filled with sealing liquid As the shaft turns, a liquid ring is created by the centrifugal force generated by the rotating impeller. ...<< more>>

Travaini & EVP single and double stage liquid ring pump

Travaini & EVP single and double stage liquid ring pump comparison table. Many customers want to replace the Travaini liquid ring pump with EVP pumps, so this article is mainly to list the replacement of the EVP pump and the travaini pump. ...<< more>>

LIQUID RING PUMP - Graham Corporation

Graham Vacuum Pumps and Compressors are of the liquid ring type. Single and two stage pumps are Pump Material Code Vacuum Pump = PV Liquid Ring Pump Liquid S. ...<< more>>

LIQUID RING VACUUM PUMPS - Tuthill Vacuum & Blower

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps . to the casing and the ring of liquid. The pump’s axial suction and discharge ports are exposed to the void mounted single stage ...<< more>>

Liquid Ring Pumps - SIHI Pumps Americas liquid & vacuum pumps

SIHI is one of the world leaders in liquid ring vacuum pump technology. Supplying a wide range of vacuum pumps for many industries and applications, providing reliable, trouble free operation. ...<< more>>

2BV5 Monoblock Pump Series | NASH Liquid Ring

The NASH 2BV5 liquid ring vacuum pump series has been designed to provide superior performance for a wide array of applications. Innovative and economical, the high vacuum capability, extra water handling ability, and compact size combine to make an ideal machine for industries like plastics manufacturing and medical technologies....