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Fiber Glass Rope - High Temperature Round Glass Fiber

Fiber Glass Rope Leading Manufacturer of high temperature round glass fiber braided rope, vermiculite coated fiberglass square tape, fiberglass insulation material, fiber glass rope, high temperature resistance glass fiber tape rope & cord and glass fiber rope from Ahmedabad. ...<< more>>

Megohmmeter Testing | Holt of CA

Electrical Insulation is subject to many effects which can cause it to fail - mechanical damage, vibration, excessive heat or cold, dirt, oil, corrosive vapors and moisture in the air. In varying degrees, these enemies of insulation are at work and through the passage of time and with electrical stresses, pin holes or cracks can develop allowing moisture and foreign matter to penetrate the surfaces of the insulation. ...<< more>>


A. Cold pipe support: Premolded pipe insulation 180 degrees (half-shells) on bottom half of pipe at supports. Material shall be cellular glass or high density Polyisocyanurate insulation of the same thickness as adjacent insulation. Density of Polyisocyanurate insulation shall be a minimum of 48 kg/m3 (3.0 pcf). ...<< more>>

Asphalt StorageTanks | Hvac | Valve - Scribd

Time to raise the temperature of a 6,000 gallon load of asphalt Temperature Increase Heatec 20,000 gallon vertical tank 1,100 sq ft heating surface PUMP INSULATION PLATE FOUNDATION RUN-AROUND VALVE Documents Similar To Asphalt StorageTanks. e-me-110. Uploaded by. saantafecito. TSI2011 Bureau Veritas Ferit Gungormus. Uploaded by. ...<< more>>

Chemical Resistance Chart - Depco Pump Company

Chemical Resistance Chart * Indicates that pumping or mixing these chemicals with a drum pump can cause sparks of static electricity. This condition can cause explosion and/or fire. ...<< more>>

Industrial heat, fire and welding blankets from AGIS, LLC

AGIS, LLC is both a manufacturer and distributor of industrial fire, welding and thermal insulation blankets as well as mechanical packing, gaskets, tapes, ropes, cloth and other high temperature specialty products for marine and industrial applications. ...<< more>>

Three-Phase Induction Motors - WEG

4 Three-Phase Induction Motors - Master Line Mounting Characteristics Manufactured with different configurations regarding mounting, cooling method and degree of protection, they adapt to different operating and environmental conditions. Motors with IEC frame sizes 280 to 560 may be manufactured with cast iron or welded steel plate frames. ...<< more>>

Elastomer Engineering Guide - James Walker

Elastomer Engineering Guide. Elastomer Engineering Guide. 3 Contents Glossary of terms 39 ? Good electrical and thermal insulation ? Good mechanical properties or high heat resistance but low chemical resistance to specific fluids. ...<< more>>


Thermo-Shield? Roof Coats have high reflectance and high emittance as well as a very low conductivity value. Thermo- Shield? Roof Coats greatly reduce thermal shock and heat penetration by keeping roof surfaces much cooler in hot summer weather. ...<< more>>

Silicone Rubber Heat Tape - Flexible Heating Tape - BriskHeat

Silicone Rubber Heat Tape Extremely flexible moisture and chemical resistant silicone heating tapes ...<< more>>

SKF high load, high temperature, high viscosity grease

High load, high temperature, high viscosity grease SKF LGHB 2 is a high viscosity, mineral oil based grease, using the latest complex calcium-sulphonate soap technology. Formulated to withstand high temperatures and extreme loads, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, especially in the cement, mining and metals segments. ...<< more>>

Installation and Maintenance Manual - WEG

Installation and Maintenance Manual for Electric Motors Manual de Instalación y Mantenimiento the reading must be corrected to 40oC using a curve of insulation resistance vs. temperature for the particular machine. If such curve it is essential to ensure an adequate degree of protection. ...<< more>>

Materials and Systems | WBDG Whole Building Design Guide

Arimids were developed in the 1960s and 1970s as a high heat resistant fiber that does not melt, has good solvent resistance, very low flammability, is non conductive, has a good thermal conductivity and a high temperature limit of 850 degrees F. ...<< more>>

Phenolic - Plexiglass & More

High-Temp Matl's Insulation Sleeving Cold punch and shearing, high insulation resistance and low dielectric losses under severe humidity. XXXPC. Mechanical grade, marine bearings, piston and packing rings, pump valve, doctor blades, marine Phenolic. Low moisture absorption, dimensional stability . ...<< more>>

Metal Jacketing And Accessory Products - Hot Pipe Insulation

Asphalt Plant Insulation. Pipe Insulation Contractors. About Us; Insulation Projects. Asphalt Plant, Stamford Connecticut A moisture retarder coating is applied to the interior for resistance to electrolytic degradation, and a clear coating is applied to the exterior for corrosion protection. Pipe insulation products for high ...<< more>>

High Pressure Seals in O&G Upstream Equipment & Valves

Kalrez? 0090 parts, with its high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) properties, chemical resistance and superior rapid gas decompression (RGD), has reached a milestone in extremely aggressive environments in downhole applications. ...<< more>>

The Motor Guide - ABB Ltd

The Motor Guide- basic technical information about low voltage standard motors 1-3.pmd 3 3/16/2005, 12:08 PM 2.2.3 Benefits of high effiency motors 27 2.2.4 Energy saving, Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) 29 7.2 Insulation resistance check 95 7.3 Torque on terminals 96 7.4 Usage 96 - Operating conditions 96 ...<< more>>

MAXIM Pump Redesign - AstralPool

The self-priming, high performance Maxim pump has been developed for use in public swimming pools, and the high-resistance technical plastics used in its manufacturing guarantee a longer working life. ...<< more>>

Refractory Products and Monolithics: HWI

Search our wide range of bricks, monolithics, high-temperature insulation materials, fiber, insulating firebrick, and precast shapes. For a closer look, access our product data sheets by registering at our business portal . ...<< more>>

4 Engineering Information Solenoid Valves - ASCO

Engineering Information Solenoid Valves Principles of Operation Solenoid Valves. 4 E N G I N E E R I N G 464 1 C yl. 2 Pre ss. Coil Insulation Systems and Temperature Limitations RedHat II Solenoid Class F 311°F (155°C) and Class H 356°F (180°C) (the high momentary surge occurring at coil energization), and volt-ampere “holding ...<< more>>

Wire Protection - Wire and Cable Sleeving - Grainger

0.380" to 0.500" (3) 0.380" to 0.630" (6) 0.430" to 0.550 abrasion, gasoline, engine chemicals, and salt water. They deflect high-pressure hose ruptures and can be used over chains as a scuff preventive. Multiple product options available Material of Construction Open Weave Polyethylene, Temp. Range -40 Degrees to 257 Degrees F...