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Chapter 6 Vacuum Pumps - RIT - People

6.3 Rotary Pump|760 Torr to 10 4 Torr 7 Figure 6.2: Rotary Mechanical Pump. A single stage is shown. The output of this is connected to a similar second stage in two stage pumps. ...<< more>>

Vacuum Pumps - Grainger Industrial Supply

Vacuum pumps from Grainger include a wide range of units that can be ideal for industrial use. Choose a standard two-stage vacuum pump to help with applications as diverse as potting, neon sign manufacturing, degassing, freeze drying and much more. ...<< more>>


The development of mechanical pumps was intimately linked with the progress of vacuum science up to the middle of this century when the introduction of both the sputter ion pump and the sublimation pump provided an alternate method for the production of low pressure. ...<< more>>

Single and two-stage rotary vane pumps - pfeiffer-vacuum

Two different types of pump are available to choose from: single-stage and two-stage rotary vane pumps. Two-stage pumps are ideally suited for processes in the medium vacuum range. Single-stage models are the pump of choice when the working pressure is mainly in the low vacuum range. ...<< more>>

Industrial Pumps and Pumping Systems - Asia Vacuum

Introduction Edwards range of industrial dry pumps, oil sealed rotary pumps, oil sealed piston pumps and mechanical boosters are the most comprehensive available to the industrial user. ...<< more>>

Oil Sealed Rotary High Vacuum Pumps | Edwards

These rugged vacuum pumps offer an excellent ultimate with good pumping speeds as well as superior vapour handling capabilities and quiet operation. Edwards RV series of vacuum pumps have become the industry standard with over 200,000 units sold. ...<< more>>

Vacuum pump - Wikipedia

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum.The first vacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Otto von Guericke, and was preceded by the suction pump, which dates to antiquity. ...<< more>>


vacuum pump to maintain a vacuum in the liquid cryogen storage area of the refrigerator while the refrigerator is operating, and an oil mist filter on the pump exhaust to prevent contamination of the laboratory area with oil vapor from the pump exhaust. ...<< more>>

Vacuum and Abatement Solutions | Edwards

Welcome to Edwards - world leader in vacuum and abatement solutions!. Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement solutions and related value-added services....