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The colder the water, the more efficient the cooling, but most air conditioners will work fine to water temps into the 80-degree range, sometimes warmer. Then the refrigerant returns to the expansion valve and the cycle begins again. ...<< more>>

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A normal Air conditioner wont reject heat to air greater than around 50 C, so would be useless for heating water to 65C . Heatpump HWS use a differant design compressor to normal Air cons , as they have to operate with much higher gas pressures to allow them to reject heat into hot water. ...<< more>>

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The cooled supply air leaves the cooling coil and the air cycle repeats. The chilled water circulating through the cooling coil tubes, after picking up heat from the mixed air, leaves the cooling coil and goes through the chilled water return (CHWR) pipe to the chiller's ...<< more>>

Large Chilled Water System Design Seminar

Pumps Supply Return Common Pipe Triple Duty Air Conditioner Heating Water Coil (Evaporator) System Water Large Chilled Water System Design Seminar ...<< more>>

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Eco Cute "unimo A/W" Unimo A/W is a high efficiency heat pump hot water unit using natural refrigerant CO 2. unimo's ecological footprint is minimal compared to a combustion boiler type hot water unit, the cost of generating hot water is one third, saving energy and reducing CO 2 emissions to almost half. ...<< more>>

Condensate Water Introduction

The water vapor in the air that becomes liquid is referred to as condensate. While the condensate collected on a cold beverage is small and mostly considered a nuisance, the condensate that collects on refrigeration equipment is of significant volume and a potential alternate water source. ...<< more>>

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Throughout the entire water cycle, pressure plays a key role in ensuring an efficient, reliable, and sustainable water supply. And for decades, the water industry has struggled with numerous pressure-related challenges in the water system. ...<< more>>

Geothermal Hydronic Heat Pump 1.5 to 6 Tons

Discharge water from a heat pump can be disposed of in various ways depending on local building codes (i.e. recharge well, storm sewer, drain field, adjacent stream or pond, ...<< more>>

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The Water Chiller System Experts. Manufacturer of marine air conditioning systems for the recreational, commercial, and military industries, and supplier of marine heat exchangers, keel coolers and circulating pumps ...<< more>>

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in a heat-pump room air conditioner in the heating cycle, the evaporator is the ____ coil outside in a heat pump room air conditioner in the cooling cycle, the evaporator is the ____ coil...